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Facebook ads: Disabled Payments and Ads Manager

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Facebook ads: Disabled Payments and Ads Manager

Hi guys,

I just setup facebook ads yesterday and my ads was disapproved due to disabled payment. Does anyone have this issue before? If you have this issue, how did you resolve it?

Have posted a support ticket to fb yesterday but haven't heard anything yet.

I use different paypal email address to my facebook login. For example paypal: [email protected], fb login: [email protected]. Have mentioned it as well in my ticket to fb. Not sure if that has anything to do with it.
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Hi topo,

The best way would be to go through Facebook Support . I haven't used Facebook Adverstising but I do not think you need to have the same PayPal and Facebook login. This is a bit weird as one would think Facebook would send you an email letting you know how to resolve the disabled payment issue.

Please let me know how you get on.

All the best!
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Is the ad against Facebook terms? Or it can be a problem with your Paypal.

You may want to pay with a credit card. See if you can get it approved that way.

Looks like something triggered it.

Facebook will not advertise the following:
Adult content
Profanity, vulgarity and obscenity
Defamatory, libelous or slanderous content
Content that infringes upon the rights of any third party (eg, copyright, trademarks)
Liquor, beer, wine, tobacco products or firearms
Inflammatory religious content
Politically religious agendas
Political content that exploits political agendas for commercial use
Hate speech
Illegal activity
Content from uncertified pharmacies;
Web cams or surveillance equipment for non-legitimate use
“Spam” or other advertising that violates applicable laws
Web-based non-accredited colleges that offer degrees
Credit card applications

Please let us know what happens.
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