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FACEBOOK ADS ACCOUNT FOR RENT - Facebook Services, Support 2

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FACEBOOK ADS ACCOUNT FOR RENT - Facebook Services, Support 2

Welcome. We provide advertising account rental services. Here are the benefits and products:

1, Service included:
- FREE VPS (RDP) (clean proxy);
- FREE profiles (quickly be renewed when they are restricted);
- Advertising accounts with high daily limits (Free change when ban);
- Credit cards (set up available in the accounts);
- Old and Strong Pages (if you don’t have your own);
- 24/7 Support staff.
+ We accept all advertising products. Beside the White Hat products (100% accepted), we also support with the Black Hat: Crypto, NFT, Gambling.
+ Just access the VPS, check the accounts and launch the campaigns followed your targets. Accounts and other issues will be supported 24/7 by our team.

2, Fees:
- 6-8% of total spent money for the White Hat products (WH)
- 8-10% of total spent money for the Black Hat products (BH)

3, Advertising process:
- Firstly, your campaign will be tested using our accounts;
- Setting up the accounts and pages in the VPS (RDP);
- Let the clients VPS access to check the accounts;
- After check everything OK with you, you finish payment to start

4, Refund Policy:
- The remaining money after stopping cooperation will be counted and transferred back after 7 working days.

5, Payment methods:
We accept USDT, BTC, ETH, Payoneer.

6, Contacts:
Telegram: @Namphumy | Skype: trực tiếp:.cid.1908305f32df1534 | Whatsapp: +84354511694
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Try to promote it online on social platforms. you will get better leads/inquires.
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While renting out your Facebook ads account may seem like an easy way to make some extra money, there are some serious risks to consider. Facebook's terms of service strictly prohibit sharing login credentials, and for good reason - once access is handed over, the renter would have complete control over your account and could use it for malicious purposes. They could damage your ad account and business reputation through unauthorized spending, policy violations, or misuse. A compromised account could also steal personal information or spread misinformation. For these security and legal compliance reasons, renting or sharing access to your Facebook ads account is not recommended. The safest approach is to manage the report yourself or hire an experienced agency you fully trust.
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