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Email Marketing - The Modern Marketing Tool

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Email Marketing - The Modern Marketing Tool

Throughout this entrepreneurship journey of being an online marketer and infopreneur, i've been asked constantly why is it so important to build an email list? Here's my take:

You don't have a business unless you are building a list. Most affiliate marketer do this business as a hit and run business. They post an ad, embed their affiliate link in it, drives traffic to vendor's sales page, make sales, and that's it! So if you ever want to get that person who clicked on your ad, you need to spend another money to get him back.

But, if you build your own list, you send them to your opt-in page and capture their email address, they are yours forever, so long as they choose to stay with you. Simply put, you pay once, and get the subscribers forever.

Another merit of having own list is that, you can promote GOOD products to the same subscribers over and over again. And it literally costs you nothing to promote to them over and over again, except for autoresponder email service fee.
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I agree. If you are not building your list with email marketing, you are definitely leaving money on the table and missing big opportunities
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List building will take some time but patience is the key in email marketing. Good results can come if the list is big! I would insist that separate lists are needed for separate products. Sending multiple product reviews to the same list may prove futile. Is it not?
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Sure it is. This is a new method. The efficiency that email marketing bring is not small
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When it comes to email marketing, it would be better if you use any online tools because doing email marketing manually takes lots of time and is quite difficult as well. Nowadays, people are so busy in their life that everyone wants to just save time in every task they do. So, here, in this case, you can try an email marketing tools that can do all your work easily and in a sufficient time. Well, there are several tools you can use for email marketing but Constant Contact would be the best choice for this purpose. It has lots of features that you can read in the below post:
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