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Driving traffic to basic squeeze pages

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Driving traffic to basic squeeze pages


I've been looking at forms of free traffic but the more I read on forums, the more it seems as though I am wasting my time going this route and that I should rather pay for traffic. My concern is that I have 2 websites (squeeze pages really), which are very basic, I can't go the keyword or content rich route. So, how does one go about driving traffic to basic squeeze pages? I came across a website today called buy-traffic......ever heard of them? I don't want to end up being scammed again. Traffic has been one important factor that I have seemed to shy away from so far.....probably because I don't know much about it and I'm therefore "afraid" of doing the wrong thing?
Some advice would be most appreciated.

Thanks so much
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Hi Belinda, never heard of buy-traffic, might I suggest you learn PPC (Pay Per Click) or at least what it is so you can hire someone to do it for you? With PPC you would run ads on websites and when someone clicks these ads you would pay for those clicks (pay per click).

There's a lot more to it but basically I'm talking about Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads these are the very top level PPC places you could use but there are many others.

The basic structure is:

Keywords/Targets > Ads/Offers > Landing-Pages

The basic skills to know would be:

Keyword/Market-Research > Copywriting > Conversion-Optimization + Email-Marketing
(And of course you would need to learn the platform you will be using along with its rules, e.g. Facebook Ads) - https://www.facebook.com/advertising/

That's PPC, but really it can go way beyond that into things like Paying Per 1,000 ad impressions, meaning you would pay a fee every time your ad is shown 1,000 times.

There's also CPV (or PPV), where you would Pay Per View, meaning you would pay every time your ad/offer is shown, usually with CPV it's shown via popups or interstitials.

There's Banner advertising, Contextual advertising, Native advertising (Twitter!).

You could use a Network like Adwords (Search ads or AdSense ads) or go directly to websites and buy Ad Space on them.

If I was starting out and had to pick a PPC platform I would pick Facebook Ads, I'm still learning it but from what I see, it is really easy to use (a little tricky to get good at as it being a PPC source + a social network), but the potential is huge and it's cheaper (for now) than Adwords which is the #1 PPC network BTW.

The place I learn most of my FB skills is here:

Hope this helps, at least a little. ;-)
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Banner advertising can be very effective. Just try banner making and advertise your website through these banners. Attractive banners always get good click through rates. There are some free banner making software available too.
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Is there a reason that you cannot go the keyword, content rich route? I would still try to use every available means of free advertising that you could in order to drive traffic to your squeeze pages...Facebook buisiness page, Twitter, Pinterest account (if you have a visual product that can somehow be promoted with photos) reddit, stumbleupon, etc. Of course, PPC is very good too, but if you are working on making ads for this, you could also include similar content using the means that are free to you & it should be a fairly efficient use of your time. Then you could use google analytics to see where the majority of your clicks are coming from.
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if you want to increase you site traffic, the first thing is own a good ranking position in search engine. and if you want to have a good ranking position, you need to do onsite and out-site optimization, and for new site, index speed is also a key factor for a good ranking. and if you want to make your site pages indexed quickly, you can make a sitemap for your site. you can also hire experts from SEOclerks at cheap rates.
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You could always use Pinterest as a traffic generation method. It's easy to get people in Pinterest involved if you will simply take the time to pin quality graphics (from your website) and share your videos on Pinterest that are relevant to your niche. You can find many real Pinterest followers on the site by simply doing a keyword search. These people will be followers or similar Pinterest boards and are looking for the type of subject you are posting about. You will want to be sure to follow those people and in turn have them follow you. This one simple method can produce a lot of traffic not only to your squeeze page(s) but also any page on your site you want to send traffic to.
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- write articles with your links and submit them to directories
- set up a Facebook fanpage for your site
- set up a twitter account and get followers
- do blog commenting on relevant blogs
- do guest posting
- try out press releases
you can also hire experts from SEOclerks.
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