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Does YouTube helps in ranking?

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Does YouTube helps in ranking?

Does youtube video submission helps in keyword ranking in Google for that particular search term?
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No. YouTube is considered a social media website, which has no direct impact to your web ranking. However, you can use social media to get direct traffic to your website.
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I would say that not so sure, cause your video itself may start ranking for that keyword, it depends on your goals, you can SEO both site and video for that matter anyway. Try to on-page...err.. on-video your YouTube video and make backlinks to it for sure.
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Not at all but business related video that informative can bring a satisfied amount of traffic that little bit might help you to rank. Thanks
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Yes it's right. Youtube video can help you to grow and promote your site ranking through youtube organic traffic.
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Yes, but you really need to take some parts and promote it at least in a way of creating good quality content here really. I do not see how matter it will be in the case where you place some few videos of few minutes each and expect tons of traffic.
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Swordseeker is saying absolutely right and I completely agree with each and every point whatever he is saying.
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Youtube can work as a traffic source, leading it to your sites. Another opportunity to involve more traffic, sounds great, right? :)
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Yes, YouTube Video Submission helps in ranking for the particular term. But Instagram Marketing also helps in increasing the ranking of the particular term.
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Youtube videos became a major part of internet users in recent days. Youtube channels are also helpful for marketing our businesses.
As Youtube is having millions of subscribers, we can increase awareness in the audience about for product/business. It is also one of the bulk reaches to the people without any language barriers.
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To begin with, your channel itself can position in YouTube.
Second, a great channel page=more readers and more views... that can indirectly improve yourrankings. You need your channel page to look professional and nice.
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Youtube can help you for your website ranking. Social media paltforms can also help you to rank your website.
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I think YouTube helps in ranking because it is really great place to increase traffic of your website.
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