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Does Forum Marketing Work?

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Does Forum Marketing Work?

Does Forum Marketing work these days? I just resumed after a long hiatus
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Forum marketing can work quite well. Especially when people on the forum trust and respect you.

You can put a useful link in your signature, with a very attractive label to suck them in.
You then help as much as you can so people think you're a valuable asset and people will be more likely to click your link if they think it's relative to your needs.

Most people probably wouldn't click a link in my signature, since I'm not so active on this forum. But if Mark, Cecille, or Aletta posted something in their signature that appeared to be of value and relevant to the audience, many people would click likely.
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Yes off course it does. But the main thing which is more important is why you are on board? Getting full advantages of forum participation is not any easy task because no one is perfect and updated in his field. You may need to give suggestions to people over their questions in a natural way and give them the solid replies with examples. Keep yourself away from the funky answers and avoid keyword stuffing. Keep your self be patient and to the point to avoid being banned by the forum.
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Another method of forum marketing also works. If you can post on a relevant thread you can expect members to click your link.
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Forum marketing do work only if you actively participate in the forums. Check out this link good info about forum marketing......http://www.vibetechmedia.com/8-step-gui ... uccess/624
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It seems to make a big difference as long as you're actively participating and genuinely trying to help people out. All of us have different specialties, training, & experiences that help others out with problem solving. While the web can answer many questions, it can't answer from experience which is what most of us want...someone that has an experience with a product/service or someone that has used a certain technique for solving a problem & had a successful outcome. If they know you're genuine in your interactions online, they know you're more likely to be genuine in your business transactions too. It's all about integrity. It takes longer to see results, but they are worthwhile when you see them.
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Oh absolutely: linkjuice and traffic, best of both worlds
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Forum marketing is good way of free traffic. Forum marketing is making a good impression in front of influential audience can help your marketing message spread far and wide.
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Forum marketing is one of the best way to generate good business leads and sales. The thing that is required in forum marketing is that:-
-> you must have a trusted profile base.
-> you need to participate in discussions
-> you should avoid promotion especially if you are a new comer
-> keep advising forum members by sharing useful threads
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Does forum marketing work? Yes! No! And maybe, depending on what you are promoting and how you are interacting with others on a specific forum.

Your real motive for posting on a forum should be to help out that community and be of good service. If your only reason is to spam links in y our signature line, then it will never result in click throughs.

First establish yourself as a trusted member of the forum and then add the signature link to one very relevant product or service that might actually help people on that forum. Don't link to sites unrelated to the forum niche as most people on a niche forum will only be looking for products or services in that niche anyway.
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