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Did Facebook ads change?

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Did Facebook ads change?

So, for those that know or saw my post a long while ago about making my first dropshipping sale using facebook ads and ranting and raving how great things have been. Now, im ranting and raving at WTF has happened with Facebook ads. (all ads are set to conversions)

example, i have one product that has always dominated in my store i was selling up to 7 a week (people would order through store-facebook page,messanger)

The same product that i had a lazer targeted ad for so long ago-people would comment on my ad -like-share everything it was great.

Ever since Jan, 2017
things have gone down hill not just with that product but other good sellers to. (ive tested 47 facebook ad campagins)

None of them (ads) now seem to get the exposure they once did, it SUCKS.

ive kept the original ad for the orginal product (with original lazer target audience) that made over 75% of my stores income. i run it now. hardly any likes/shares. and sales on messenger have pretty much stoppeed all together.

What the heck? (my store is based off of the webinar Mark did with Fred Lam) i also create my ads from what Fred taught in that webinar.
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Hi Nate,

I am not sure exactly what changed in your campaigns. I've been running my ads since last year and so far I have not seen any changes in the way FB display my ads.

I think it is better that you address this concern to DB support here: https://www.facebook.com/business/help

They can enlighten you with what's happening with your account.
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there are always new changes on Facebook, so it is always something new
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I have been run the ad on Facebook and I have not seen any changes. It may be possible you should check your ad or contact for support to know about this.
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