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Comments Can Improve Your Website Performance

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Comments Can Improve Your Website Performance

It has become a practice of late among Internet marketers to disable comments on their blogs. What do you think about it? I feel that enabling of comments on the blog posts goes a long way in building website performance. In fact comments help in developing customer relationship so the customer can be engaged more in the business.
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Yes, the comment is part of UGC and nowadays it is the best solution to make a strong relationship with your customers. And it helps to attract more customers to your website. But if you have good and quality content that people like then you can use this strategy.
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If anything it lets you know about how readers feel about your website. It builds a strong bond with your readers. If you disable your comments,you lose valuable traffic. And you lose potential customers also.
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Yes, I agree with your point. Obviously, comment improves website performance and traffic also. So it is better we don't disable comments
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Yes, Comments are very helpful to improve your website audience and authority. If you will get good comments on your site it will be helpful.

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