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cloud based marketing software

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cloud based marketing software

What Challenges B2B is Marketers Face While Prospecting on LinkedIn?
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7 Tips for you that you can follow

Turn your company page into a lead generation page. In order to make leads from LinkedIn, you have to be intentional.
Create a Showcase Page.
Use Advanced Search.
Save searches.
Search Groups.
Start groups.
Publish content.
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sarahboyer shared really useful tips to make it better on LinkedIn!
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soleseriouss wrote:sarahboyer shared really useful tips to make it better on LinkedIn!

Agreed. one should follow these steps!
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I would say getting good results from LinkedIn Ads and getting people back to your profile page from groups.
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Hmmm, I once have faced this activity and my friends are fond of linkedin b2b marketing. They explained me everything in details and the main difficulties imply the search of the most valuable decision makers. There is nothing difficult to determine the spectre of industries where you want to attract clients, but to find proper DMs is one of the most difficult thing.

Of course, they told me that it's kinda difficult to contact these people and make them to want a contact with you. Anyway, everything comes with the experience. Sorting out of all the DMs and revelation of the valuable ones may take several days or even more, it depends on the amount of companies which you have chosen for sorting out. As a rule, it's enough to choose at least 3-4 DMs from every company, and extract data like phones, emails from special tools.
There are some paid tools which can help you to bulk all the data right away. It's easier.
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Thanks for sharing this information. It is very useful.
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