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Can Facebook-likes really help you?

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Can Facebook-likes really help you?

Do you feel that Facebook-likes really help you? If so in what way they are advantageous? Many websites that have begun to sell 'likes' started appearing on the Internet these days. Do 'likes' influence the mind of the buyer?
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Facebook Likes are important because each time you "like" something on Facebook, it is automatically displayed on your Facebook timeline, so all your other friends in Facebook see it. For exampe, I posted a link to Affilorama's latest blog post. If one of my friends "like" my post, then the link I shared will be posted on my friend's Facebook wall. That's how information in Facebook is shared. It doesn't necessarily affect a buyer's mind but it does show your site or product is popular.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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Yes Facebook likes is helpful- directly and indirectly.

Directly in a sense that you re increasing brand awareness to FB users and this will get you good direct traffic to your site.

Indirectly because the more your FB post is liked and shared, the better and higher the chance that it will rank well in search engines for related queries.

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Undoubtedly, the more likes a Facebook business profile has the more publicity it gets. So Facebook likes is an incredible facet of marketing on this site. Also, the major search engines all take social media stats into account when determining site importance and its position in SERP.

But obtaining Facebook likes and building a following may be pretty a challenge.
Some folks prefer an easier way though and just buy Facebook likes/fans.

But note, that 'like-farm profile' is not what can make your online business popular. If you want fans who are really interested in your business and will interact a lot, don't bother.

However, (little) boosting of your like numbers can make your business page look more authoritative, which can get you more genuine likes (perhaps some won't agree, but it works for me :-P).
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Yes, of course Facebook Likes can really help. Facebook is considered a very useful way to build traffic and attract customers towards your company.
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Absolutely, I have tested it and seen some conversions in Email signups. But theirs sure more to it, get likes is one and getting people who see your post and getting them interact with your brand is another. A good way to increase like is running paid like campaign using good keywords to attract the buyers for your niche.

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Facebook likes/ shares are really important if you are running a Social Media Marketing Campaign for your website/ brand on Facebook.

But, the catch here is, that the traffic or say, the likes should be organic and not just likes that are 'bought'; because honestly, that does no good for your website/ brand. That is traffic that will be of no use (it is a kind of spam, just here you feel good that there are so many likes on your page).

Focusing on a good marketing campaign to boost/ promote the page/ post and creating content that is relevant and unique is the way you should approach your targeted audience - that is organic reach; and that is how you will know how well your page is doing.
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Yes, they do help if collected genuinely and all likes are real. Lot of people try to get likes from tools and sites but those kind of likes never help any website to improve popularity as well as real users so we should avoid them.

Now a days, search engines are taking it as a ranking signal and reward those websites with higher ranking which have good presence on all traffic sources.
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