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Best way to promote/brand/sell piece of software!?

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Best way to promote/brand/sell piece of software!?

Friend of mine asked me to help out selling his 3 products:
- online poll using the intuitive and easy-to-use admin
- sweepstake snippet (works pretty much the same as poll)
- FB app that alows user to manage sweepstaks via FB login
Now, I'm no marketing genius but I do know he/we need to cover and treat differently promotion, branding and selling. Before you start about search the market and target your audience oddly enough there is one and it's pretty damn narrow + I do not want to spam away every forum I might find as a start and i do not want to spam away my social network contacts with it.
So...need advice on a potential work ahead!? What's your take on this!? Your experience etc. I'd love this to be an open discussion on marketing tactics that others might use as well and I do now there are tricks of trade people are not interested to share but...every little helps even if it's just a nudge in the right direction.
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Hmmm...you're right that spamming won't help. ;) Since all of these tools would be useful for bloggers, how about marketing them directly to them through a site dedicated to helping them out? You could also set up a FB group linked to a business FB page where you could discuss tools to help them, latest apps that are trending, etc. The FB group & page could point them in the direction of the site where they could buy these products. Just a couple of thoughts. Let us know how it goes.
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recap...a month in project.

I've taken standard route for now...paid ads on FB, Twitter and LinkedIn (direct link to product page). For each one made 2-3 variations and will gather data on how it all went on 27th
Since this is, in general, B2B business product LinkedIn seams the best way to approach personally. But same as with forums you have to establish yourself first then contact.

I'm contemplating on mail contact for profiled leads but, as I said already, staying out of spam label worries me.

Finally video content marketing tactics in terms of making explanatory video should be done in few days then launched.

All in all a lot to do and a slow start but that was expected:-)
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The only way to keep relation with you customers/users is only to email them and let them know what is now happening on your website. Mostly people use email marketing as it the best way to keep in touch. I personally use bulk emailing to that I won't lose them at any cost. If you’re having a website and need to promote your website then I will highly recommend you to use Bulk emailing. But there is some point I would like to highlight as it might help you in Bulk emailing.

--> Always use a dedicated platform that will help you to deliver the email within the recipient Inbox not the Spam folder (nobody checks spam folder).

-- >Dedicated SMTPs, IPs and Domain which should be clean (not listed in Blacklists)

--> A platform that has a subscription button on the email so that you will know which of your recipient is interested in your items/products.

--> A live report of your campaign running will always be helpful to know how many people had clicked and how many emails has been delivered. So the report should be for Opens + Clicks + Deliveries + Bounces + Blocks.

--> A live support that will let you know if you’re missing any point in running a campaign or having trouble in using any of the feature. Always preferred a live chat support of phone support so that you won't wait for some to response you via email.

I'm personally using "Imailunlimited" and always have found them helpful to run campaign and the best of all part is that whenever my list not clean they also provide service for cleaning up my list "Cleanmyemaillist" I would highly recommend them as the best I could find within the email marketing.

Thanks for the paid attention to my post.
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Are you offering a free trial version of the software? Or, maybe a trial period during which your software can be used. For instance, offering the customer a seven day free period to use your product or online software/service is an ideal way to hook them into a longer committment. Just be sure they are signing up for a subscription that automatically renews at the end of that trial period. The user will rarely stop the subscription as that takes too much effort and you will get many sign ups from the free trial period offer. You can advertise your 'free trial' offer on Facebook ads and forums and even Youtube as needed. This could be one possible solution for getting new users for your software product.
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- set up a Facebook fanpage for your site
- set up a twitter account and get followers
- do blog commenting on relevant blogs
- do guest posting
- try out press releases
you can also hire experts from SEOclerks.
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