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Best tax option to sell ebooks?

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Best tax option to sell ebooks?

I hear that we must pay taxes if we decided to sell our own ebooks as merchants.

Does anyone here know the best ways to sell ebooks with the least amount of tax? (that sounds like a good niche by the way ^~)

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Hi xxguestxx,

I'm sorry, I do not have this information. The best would be to ask someone from your area, as the tax would vary between countries and states.

I'll check with a senior staff and see if they have any information seeing that you are from New Zealand too.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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You would need to talk with an accountant and maybe the IRD about this. But I would suggest that you don't get too hung up about tax. First create your product and then start selling it. Those are by far the hardest things. If you don't get them right, you will never have to worry about tax.

Remember also that if you make money now you have until about July next year to file a tax return on it.
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I wholeheartedly agree with easy Rider. Although you could talk to and CPA or an accountant regarding this issue I think at this point to consider tax as irrelevant . Marketing and actually getting your eBook out there is the foremost important step to address. Now depending on where you are with your book, depends on when this information would come in to play.

So many times as human beings and marketers we get in our own way and focus too much of where we want to be at instead of where we are at presently. So focus on getting your book out there bringing in a good amount of sales and when you're ready for the information, that tax information will appear to you.
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Basically, you have to pay taxes, if you are earning, and in this regard the best person to ask, since the law vary from place to place... is your local tax consultant.... And You may read 'Rich Dad Poor Dad....

Best of luck!
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Ashok Sinha

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