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Best Social Networking

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Best Social Networking

What to do Best in Social Networking, please share your view ?
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You can share your post to different social media platforms like FB, twitter, instagram. However you need a unique quality content
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Following are some steps to Create Powerful Social Network Platform
1. Identify your community
2. Define the features and functions
3. Choose the right technology
4. A must have a structure
5. Design Activity Stream
6. Create Status Update Features
7. Quality Viewing Data options
8. You need to attract the right users
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There is no such thing as "the best social network". If you are looking for traffic and conversion, you need to experiment and test several social network sites to determine which one/s work well for you. Not all social network sites provide you with good traffic. It will really depend on the niche you are promoting. Put it this way: If you are promoting fashion brands or an e-commerce type of website, probably the best sites for you is Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest. But if you are more of a business kind of site, then probably you need to establish your marketing more on LinkedIn. Experimentation is the key. You will never know which works well for your site until you run a test first.
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