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auto submitters legit?

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auto submitters legit?

I just want to know if auto article, auto social bookmarking and all those stuff submitters considered black or gray hat techniques. Are they recommended by seo experts? Can you live without them?
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I've lived without them for 2 years for what it's worth.

I can't say personally what color hat they are. I guess they are a good idea if you're interested in getting as many backlinks as possible regardless of the quality.
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The problem with about 90% of the automated stuff is that it gets so abused by some who are less than ethical that the quality of the content goes down and people start using it to spam the crap out of everything. If they were used judiciously and carefully as an aid for doing more faster, but still providing high quality, then they would be better. Because of the reputation of them being used by spammers, I would avoid most automated stuff.

That said, when used properly, using some automated tools, like a spinner, can help save a lot of time. But if you use a spinner, always read through the result to make sure it is high quality and actually makes sense to a human reader before using it.
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It's true what Grady said about automated stuff these days. They can be handy but they are used, and abused, by just about everyone that they lose, or have lost, their value.
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