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Are You Using Dropbox?

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Are You Using Dropbox?

Hi there,

Dunno whether you have heard before dropbox? Dropbox is a online data storage platform that allows you to store all kinds of digital data. Personally, I have signed up a free 2GB account with dropbox about a few months ago after facing some system crash issues. I have even benefited from the use of dropbox as it is easier for me to work together with my outsourcer in Philippines. Check out my personal blog post on what happen and why I started using Dropbox over here:

http://www.javierchua.com/2010/07/perso ... ox-review/

Anyway, always backup your documents and files somewhere so that if your own computer crash, you will still have the data you need to continue your affiliate marketing quest. Here's my 2 cents from someone who experience the pain before.

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Yes, it's a good idea to use an online backup so that you would always have a copy of your important files and have the ability to access them from anywhere. Dropbox works well and is easy to use :)
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I am actually hesitant to use these services myself because of privacy concerns.
Once something is on the net it is there forever.
Although I can see it's application in backing up or sharing certain files that do not pose any security or privacy concerns.
Just my 2 cents.

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Hi Javier,

I use dropbox but only for file-sharing and online access, and not really for backup. That's because I also signed up only for the free option and 2GB is not nearly enough storage space for backing up my computer files.

I did not opt for a paid account because I prefer to store my backups on physical media that I can access without going online and I share Troy's concerns about privacy.

For file-sharing and online access to files, dropbox is indeed a good option.

Cheers :)
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I use it for the same type of things I would use sendspace for. Nothing private though.
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