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Are viral ebooks still good to use?

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Are viral ebooks still good to use?

Hi everyone,

I'm new to internet marketing. I've been busy watching all the lessons and saw the one about viral pdf's. I was wondering if this is still a good marketing technique? I'm not interested in actually writing ebooks, but in putting my affiliate links in to ebooks others have written and then selling them on ebay. Is this strategy still profitable? Also, I googled "viral ebook" and saw a lot of websites offering pre-written ebooks to use, are any of these sites good? Are there any in particular you recommend? Thanks a lot!

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I am also looking at using viral PDFs. I was also impressed by the video on affilorama. Any ideas anyone
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I think viral ebooks are a marketing strategy that stands the test of time - provided they are good. Not many people can resist a free quality PDF guide on 10 Natural Remedies for Acne That Work or Learn to Play Stairway to Heaven on the Guitar like a Pro.

I'm not so sure about sites that offer pre-written ebooks though - I imagine you would always have to go through and edit them a bit yourself. But if you list the names of these sites, I can investigate further!
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if you can make one go viral it is a great way to build up your business. it also doesnt have to be huge, or have affiliate links.

I put out a report on mindset and planning tactics about 3 months ago. i have it up on several file sharing sites, and give it away on my website. ther are not aff links, just one link at the end to my blog. It has brought me more traffic than some of my p1 rankings in Google, and it really hasn't had a chance to spread yet.
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pdf ebook is a great way to promote product or website, regarding saling them it is a bit hard, i tried clickbank once and it didt went to well
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I suggest you check out Viral Book Explosion By Jeff Dedrick, this is a great source for Free Viral Ebook To Rebrand, Get A Number of PDF's Rebrand and Start Marketing!!!

Good Luck,
Ray Gollis
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I think Viral Ebooks works great and will continue to work.

Just need to use it smart. If you want, that your viral campaign
would be successful, you need to learn how to promote Viral
stuffs. Viral campaign works best:

The value is about making money:
The value is entertaining.

Both require to use video to talk about that.
If no video, I think it will not be effective at all.

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Viral ebooks is great when doing a viral marketing campaign. It is very easy to use and don't cost much. It is a method of selling products and a great way to build a good reputation. Giving ebooks to your visitors is a great way to build a big audience. If people like the material that your ebook contains, they will share it to their friends, family and to other people that will result more sales of your product.
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I have found ebooks as an excellent enticement to encourage visitors to sign-up for my email series. I have found the sign-up rate to increase as much as 50% higher by giving an ebook versus not giving one.

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eBooks and free reports are great opt-in "baits". Whether you are purchasing an eBook/report or writing it yourself, make sure that it gives value to your subscribers. This is the first step in building trust with your subscribers so make sure to impress them so that they will trust the information you and your site.
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50% higher?? That's amazing! Wouldn't have thought it would have such an impact.

newstart wrote:I have found ebooks as an excellent enticement to encourage visitors to sign-up for my email series. I have found the sign-up rate to increase as much as 50% higher by giving an ebook versus not giving one.

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