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Any Cash in Classifieds

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Any Cash in Classifieds

Hey Affilorama-ers,

Just getting started here. I'm thinking of posting ads and links in free classifieds. Is there any cash in classifieds? If so what are some of the best sites?


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I am not sure if free classified ads can bring you cash. But you may want to look at Craiglist.

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I used to make money with the ticketnetwork affiliate program and free classifieds. http://www.ticketnetwork.com/affiliates/program.aspx

Selling event tickets with the free classifieds has a big advantage. There are long tail search terms that pop into exististence over night like "Cheap tickets Jimmy Buffet Wolftrap" for example.

So your free classified gets listed high in the serps very quickly.

The problem is that they are short lived. and you have to keep posting ads.

When a big event like a disney star or the ringling brothers circus come to your town you can make a few sales posting fliers on the comunity boards at supermarkets. Put your email and when you get a response send your link in return.

I am not sure what else might work.
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JC Dean
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I never used free classifieds myself, but I've seen people promote Clickbank products on Craigslist, so it seems to be possible.

From what I've seen so far, it seems that the employment and jobs category is the most popular for affiliate marketing on Craigslist. I didn't see anyone market products from other categories through classified ads online.
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There is but you have to do it in mass and in order to do that you need a paid subscription so that you can do hundreds of adds. Other then that back pages seems to me to get my best response.
Free traffic is so worn out threw classifieds you need to have a real good angle on how you are promoting your offer. Your not just going to be able to put a ad in a classified and have money coming , that is a dream.
So think carefully how you are going to promote your offer real good.
Best of luck
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We are provide a free classifieds posting Services..
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Free Classifieds


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