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Affiliate Program for Online Marketing Website

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Affiliate Program for Online Marketing Website

Hello Everybody,

We are starting an affiliate programme for our online marketing website. Can some expert affiliates give me some opinions on what ways should we use for marketing website.

Our concern is to get traffic on the site by this affiliate program. I am thinking of some ways like “Placing the link on your website or blog”, “Placing a review on your blog”, “Placing ads on Google using Google Adwords”. Can you suggest any best way to do that and to keep affiliates in the loop?

Your comments and new thoughts will be appreciated. Many thanks and I look forward to reading your comments.

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I suggest you do research on other sites that are similar to what you are trying to accomplish and study the methods that they are using.
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Are you marketing the site so you can get more affiliates or you want to get traffic from affiliates to get more sales? These are two different aims. Most of the time, vendors with affiliate programs join affiliate networks like Clickbank and Commission Junction. This is how they get affiliates and the affiliates do the promoting of their products in their respective sites.

If you do not wish to join a network or you have your own affiliate program set up, then you might want to join affiliate marketing forums. Most affiliate marketing forums have an area specific to vendors. You can also gather affiliates from these forums.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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What I understood from above is, You have a online marketing web site and you want to try to get traffic to that web site from affiliate marketing, Its a good idea. You just need to do two things in my opinion, first get the normal seo/Link building going for your web site , second start searching for the people in your niche (like me ) and try to encourage them to start off and build a campaign with you...
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Let us determine first the primary goal you want to attain here. I think you need first to identify what is your objective for your business so you can prioritize things and properly set your plan. I do understand your aim to get more affiliates and increase the traffic of your business, but you have to take it step by step to ensure success.
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