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A problem with Facebook traffic

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A problem with Facebook traffic

Hello everyone.

I’ve stumbled upon a problem. Around a week ago, Facebook traffic shoot up about 10 times on our site. Traffic is mostly from the USA, Ireland, Sweden,. The website is Russian and promoted in Russia. It has nothing to do with the regions mentioned above. Our computers were inspected for viruses, and zero were found. VPN was also not enabled.

Can you please help me get the notion of what is going on?
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Wrong target audience.
Failure to comply with Facebook rules.
Repetitive or diminished audience response.
Inability to connect with your followers.
Skipping the crucial step of A/B testing.
Low conversion rate.
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There could be several problems that cause this, for example, maybe you didn't target your audience properly and it expanded as a result of it since if your targeting is too narrow, algorithms will try to find a way to expand it. You should check your settings more thoroughly and see if you can modify something in the upcoming period and do some A/B testing to get more accurate results.
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i have no idea, maybe its something in your ad,maybe its that u didnt choose usa.
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Facebook has been under intense media scrutiny over data leaks, fake news and hate speech, but what really are the issues Facebook is facing?
Cambridge Analytica Scandal.
Fake News & Hate Speech.
Artificial Intelligence.
Fake Accounts.
Sources Used:
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what was the source of FB? Was the link placed in any group or it was from the campaign you started?
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The traffic objective is designed to drive people to your website or app. With traffic as your objective, you can create ads that: Send people to a destination such as a website, app, phone call or Messenger conversation (Website Clicks) Increase the number of people going to your mobile or desktop app (App Engagement).
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How about re-profiling for the niches of other stars? namely those who are interested in you! Or create a new platform and there already move towards the goals that are relevant to you
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Thanks for sharing this content. it is very useful.
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