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7 Best Practices to outstand your Email Subject lines

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7 Best Practices to outstand your Email Subject lines

Best practices that you can include in your marketing campaigns to make it more better and impactful over your potential customers out there. So let’s start our journey of best email marketing practices.
(1) Importance of Short and Sweet Subject Lines
(2) Be Specific With Your Marketing
(3) Importance of Personalisation
(4) Call-To-Action Oriented Language
(5) Avoid Spam Trigger Words
(6) Test and Refine
Email marketing is complex, and is a more competitive sector day-by-day. Hence, to elevate in such a complex part of the internet, you must be ready to take the required steps, and to forge on that with all your might.
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keep it short:
Aim for around 40-50 characters to ensure the entire subject line is viewable across different devices and email clients.

Personalize: Use the recipient's name or other personal information when appropriate. Personalized subject lines can attract attention and make the recipient feel more valued.

Create curiosity: Pique the recipient's interest by creating a subject line that leaves no questions or hints at valuable information in the email.

Urgency and FOMO: Using a sense of urgency or fear of missing out (FOMO). Phrases like “Last Chance,” “Limited Time Offer,” or “Don't miss this opportunity” can encourage quicker action.

Be specific: State the content or purpose of the email in the subject line. Vague or unclear subject lines can cause confusion and lower open rates.

Use emojis: Emojis can add visual appeal and help your subject line stand out in a crowded inbox. However, use them sparingly and make sure they are relevant to the content of the email.

A/B testing: Test different subject lines with A/B testing. This involves sending variations of your subject line to a subset of your audience to determine which content performs best. Use a winning subject line for the main email campaign.
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Keeping effective email subject lines brief and succinct is critical to creating outstanding email subject lines. Short subject lines are easier to read on smaller screens like mobile devices; moreover, with nearly 60% of email opens occurring via mobile, experts advise keeping subject lines under 50 characters for complete visibility on mobile.

Concise email subject lines help recipients quickly scan them. A Marketo study discovered that subject lines with four words had the highest open rates on average; however, seven-word subject lines may also work effectively if they are engaging and direct.

Direct and short subject lines are more likely to capture your recipient's attention and effectively communicate your message.
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