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Youtube Traffic

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Youtube Traffic

Hey guys I need some serious advice,

Ok so iv'e been using youtube since may 2010 and have signed up with clickbank at around the same time. I have been advertising clickbank links on my youtube - http://www.youtube.com/user/ExplicidProductions using seperate videos but tutorials related to gaming to get some traffic and subscribers. All of the products are somewhat related to my channel. The thing I don't understand is why I haven't made a single dollar since I started in may. There is nothing wrong with my links I have over 400 subscribers and 80000 upload views. Can someone help me out please!

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Hi Matt,

Welcome to Affilorama!

While having lots of youtube subscribers means getting a lot of traffic to your youtube channel, it is not the same as having lots of traffic to your own website. Remember that people do not really go to youtube with the intent to buy anything. People mainly go there to view free videos.

I would suggest setting up your own website on which you will be able to promote clickbank products. Embed your youtube videos on your website as well as provide quality written content on it (guides, reviews, etc.). And link to your own website from your youtube channel and videos.

I hope that helps.
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I agree with Fara. I use youtube to get people to my site rather than to directly sell a product. they also make a quick and easy blog post from time to time as well.
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I agree with you guys. Youtube is not really intended for people to buy products or what. Do not just rely on youtube for marketing. There are other ways to promote your clickbank product effectively. Try other techniques and do not stick to one method if you want better result.
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