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How do you research your audience?

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How do you research your audience?

From where do you start when you have to begin with a research of your audience?
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Before anything else, you need to really know what your niche is or at least have an idea what it is about and you can spend time doing keyword and topic research.

In order to target the right audience, you need to know what they are searching about online and knowing the right keywords is a start.

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First, you want to identify your niche. If you are choosing a topic that you know about, you probably already know people who are interested in the same things, and they could be part of your audience.

Start by finding blogs, social groups, and youtube channels related to the topic of your channel. you can learn a lot about the audience by getting involved in groups and communities where they hang out. Years ago, when I started with Affilorama, I was hanging out in forums like this one related to my niche. Now days, the atmosphere has shifted more towards social media groups, but the strategy is still pretty much the same. meet and talk to people with interest in your niche, and pay attention to the questions people ask the most.

All my content comes from answering questions people in forums and social media groups ask. I never run out of content, because I never run out of questions people ask.
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1:Create Reader Personas.
2:Conduct User Surveys Regularly.
3:Use Google Analytics.
4:Find Your Target Audience On Facebook With Facebook Insights.
5:Find Your Target Audience On Twitter By Connecting To Your Twitter 6:Followers Dashboard.
7:Run An Annual Audience Survey.
8:Monitor Your Social Activity.
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Start with your current customers.
Think benefits not features.
Collect demographic data on your target audience.
Send out customer surveys.
Look for trends in online customer feedback.
Go niche.
Research your competitors.
Create a market positioning map.
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Here are six creative ways to get to know your audience better:

    Take advantage of Google Analytics.

    Ask directly.

    Get to know your target audience with Facebook Insights.

    Frequently check where your target audience hangs out.

    Spy on your competitors' Twitter followers.

    Wear your target audience's shoes.
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With the following below strategies, you can research your audiences, as follows:-
Research what your ideal customer/client looks like
Study your existing audience
Collect data from your sales teams
Know the needs of your users and buyers
Check your competition
Use trackable short links to collect data from any platform
Targeting the Right People, etc.
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Check Your Competitor's website, I think you will understand about your audience.
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