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Clickbank has changed

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Clickbank has changed

Hi all,

I was working though the P2P module and it talks about using Clickbank for market research. In the last month CB has updated its website and no longer appears to have the affiliate marketplace.

The new CB products page (Shop) has WAY less products than the old marketplace did.

Am I missing something? Otherwise, what other tool do you recommend for niche selection that's similar?

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Yes, they changed/updated the website. You may now buy digital products on the ClickBank website on top of the opportunity to earn from becoming their affiliate.

I am not sure if the products under their shop page are all the products available in the Marketplace section, since you now should join first as an affiliate to be able to access the products.

Clickbank is still one of the best places for digital products but if you like to join other network affiliate sites, you can check here:

https://www.affilorama.com/blog/alterna ... -clickbank
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Yes, it's changed little bit. You can learn here about advance affiliate marketing. >> link removed
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Is it possible to directly promote a Clickbank affiliate link in paid PPC campaigns on Bing & Google?
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Wow, I had a break, and I didn't even notice that anything had changed. Well, maybe it's just temporary. If it's not in demand, can they go back to the previous version?
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Yes, Clickbank has little changed. Go to Google and check this change.
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ClickBank is not a chartered bank or trust company, or depository institution. Mobile device. Your nickname cannot be changed once your account is created.
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Perhaps the most ideal approaches to bring in cash on Clickbank is to begin as a subsidiary, advancing pages that have just been upgraded, to construct your business pipes. Much like catchphrase research for SEO, picking the correct item to advance on ClickBank is critical.
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