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Am I using the google keyword planner correctly?

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Am I using the google keyword planner correctly?

I just want to make sure I'm using the google keyword planner correctly. I had picked out a keyword to write an article around. Yesterday the google keyword planner said it had a monthly search volume of 1,600. Today the google keyword planner said it had a monthly search volume of 480.

I was confused about how it could have dropped that much in one day. Then I realized that it was because I had "google and search partners" selected yesterday, and only "google" selected today. It can make a BIG difference on your monthly search volume depending on which one you have selected. But, usually I select "google and search partners". Should I be doing that?

I've also been targeting just the United States, is that the way everybody else does it?

And as far as languages goes, I just leave it on "all languages" because it doesn't seem to change anything when I select "English" as far as I can tell. Is that okay?

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If you just want search results from Google (the Google search engine that is), then you select Google as source. Selecting "Google and search partners" will give you higher results because it includes data from Google's search partners (i.e.,possibly other search engines).

If you're looking to rank for the keyword in the US, then you select United States so you can see the number of searches for that word in the US.

I don't think language has any effect on the search results so you can leave it on "English".

The following is a good guide on using the Google Keyword Planner:
http://www.searchenginejournal.com/defi ... rch/69655/

Google has also their own Help page you can refer to:

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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Hi Kurt,

Yes, sometimes Google data can change a big amount. It can also display not the most recent data. In my experience, when you find a keyword you want to rank for, just continue the work on it. Don't worry too much about checking and re-checking the data about monthly search volume.

I've made a video to explain how to correctly use the Google Keyword Planner tool: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIvBn0Of-c4

Most of your traffic will probably come from long tail keyword searches anyway, and Google doesn't display data for these keywords.

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mark schaaf
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I hate to say it but I really don't trust Google's results anymore. I will look at my google analytics and it will say a keyword got lets say 100 hits on my site last month and say 2000 hits show no information. I will then do a keyword search in google keyword planner and it will say the exact word I show being used 100 times in analytics got zero uses in planner.

I have also tried just little tests to see what kind of answers I get to see if it seems like it is working correctly and put in Dog training. I got back suggestions like dog food, dog toys, doggy hotels, which has nothing to do with dog training. I haven't been using google lately or either of the other two keyword tools I use because they pull there information from google. I don't really know anymore where to look.
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Hey guys, just letting you know I've created a post on keyword research here: post124185.html#p124185

It's got some advice to do with this question on the Google Keyword Planner, so you might want to check it out. :)
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