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1500 searches 500k results

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1500 searches 500k results

Hi all,
I have found a niche that gets 1500 searches per day through google (for a two word search), and the search results found come to 500,000, would you say that this is a good ratio to work with?

All the best, Garry
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OK, I will admit right up front that I am no expert on this subject......yet. However, if that is the niche you're looking at, you're going to get blown away with 500K competing pages on anything with a two word keyword. 1.5K hits a day is way out of range also. You need to grossly narrow down your niche and quite possibly find a sub or micro-niche.

I direct you to the "Lessons" section here on Affilorama and start at the start. Please spend the time going through the video tutorials as this will save you so much time and grief. Right now, I don't know why you may even think this is a good ratio of numbers, you are way off the track for possible success, based on my training and experience.

If anyone has any other positive thoughts or even better guidance than I have provided, please step up and share.
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Hi Gary,
500,000 search results is way too much!
I would suggest looking for long tail keywords with less than 50,000 competing websites.
Kind regards,
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Gary, see my keyword search exercise at the bottom of this AB forum:

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