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What Do You Expect From Your Affiliate Manager?

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What Do You Expect From Your Affiliate Manager?

Not every affiliate program is perfect, and there is no way to appease everyone and make yourself some money.

I am curious what the greatest concerns and challenges affiliates have working with an affiliate program manager. How can the relationship and process be made better for all parties involved?

I am about to launch my program with offers, and want to make it as appealing to affiliates as possible.

Help me now so I can help you later!
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I expect full support from my affiliate manager by way of timely responses to my messages, and offering assistance and information to help me better promote the product.

Here at Affilorama, we regularly send emails to affiliates with tips on how they can better increase their sales. An affiliates section is also available where affiliates can download email swipes and banners.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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It is expected for the affiliate manager to be available 24/7 and via different methods of communication.
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I expect effective communication with my affiliate manager. The detail supported will be essential, especially, the promotion support.
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As an affiliate manager myself, I've found that being available is the main requirement of affiliates, particularly during the initial period where they have first signed up and are finding their way around the website and selecting the offers they wish to run. Usually email and support through IM's or Skype calls is sufficient, but I have also worked with people where I needed to access their PC through teamviewer in order to completely support them.
It can be a 24/7 job as affiliates can be in any country and don't always take time zones into consideration. :-)
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yeah, the communication is the main think... and also I need a good control panel to navigate
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An Affiliate Manager has to be helpful and respond to messages in a reasonable time frame. He doesn`t have to be available 24/24 because a network usually has more than one affiliate managers and they work in shifts so that someone is always available.
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I am just starting as an affiliate manager but as the others have said, communication. Its really the only thing an affiliate manager can do to the best of his abilities 99% of the time is communicate.

Just make sure that you are aware of whats going on in your program and that you affiliates relay important information to you. Also ask them questions, hows it going and what they need to be successful - Its important to remember their needs will be your success.
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