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Share your ClickBank Success or Failure

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Share your ClickBank Success or Failure

I'm posting here because I'm just curious - has anyone ever used Clickbank to promote a product, and if so, did you have success with getting affiliates to sign up?

We've had a particularly slow start, and it's been a very frustrating process. I've heard a lot of good things about this network, but have yet to really reap the rewards from it.
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Clickbank works. In fact, we recommend Clickbank to our members, especially those who purchased our paid courses.

If you have not made any sales yet, then I suggest you look at the number of traffic and the quality of traffic you're getting. Most of the time, you have not made any sales yet because the traffic is too low and/or you're not targeting the right market.

You should also look at the website content, especially your landing page/s and check if the content, layout and overall look and feel of your website provide convert well. Sometimes, you need to do a lot of tweaking and tests to know which style converts well to your audience.
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I took a look at our GA account, and I'm actually not seeing any referrals through Clickbank - my concern is that our product is very niche, and I thought it would sell well in the Green products category, but I'm not seeing much activity there.

Our sales page definitely need some sprucing up - it's consistent with our brand, but I don't feel that the content is generally very conducive to conversions at this point in time - it's something I've been pushing the owner on pretty hard.

Thank you for the advice maryt! It would seem that we're just not reaching anyone, though I am still very new to GA and Clickbank in general. Hmmm, I have more exploring to do, clearly!
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Just to add to what Mary said...

If you're sure you're getting the right type of traffic, and enough of it, maybe it's a case of not following up with people.

According to salesforce.com, "It takes 6 to 7 touches to generate a viable sales lead".

So if you're getting people to your funnel, but they're leaving with no intention of ever returning, you could be missing out.

I would suggest trying 2 things, if you haven't already:
1) Create some sort of exit-intent popup, that offers your visitors something for free.

This can be an eBook, short report, email series, membership site, or anything you can think of to generate leads.

And of course, they enter their name + email address in exchange for this gift.

Now that you've got their email, you can implement an engagement campaign over the course of 7 days.

The way I would approach this would be:
Day 1 - Follow up, remind them of the value you gave them in the free gift
Day 2 - Day off
Day 3 - Another follow up. Perhaps give them more info on how they can implement the teachings inside your free gift
Day 4 - Day off
Day 5 - Show them proof of how your product can help them, followed by a Call To Action
Day 6 - More proof, with another CTA
Day 7 - Straight into a CTA, and perhaps a note stating that you won't continue to offer if they turn it down this time. Or you could offer a discount of some sort, totally up to you.
Days 8 and onwards - Start to promote relevant affiliate products.
Day 30-32 onwards - Perhaps you could offer your product as part of a Flash Sale. 80% off, for 3 days only. Follow up on the second day, then warn them that the offer is ending in 24 hours on the 3rd day.
And so on

2) A Facebook Retargeting Campaign

I won't go too deep into this, because there's hundreds of videos and tutorials out there on the topic that explain it far better than I can.

But essentially, you'll have a targeting pixel on your sales page (or wherever you're sending your traffic). That pixel places a unique "cookie" into the visitors browser, which lets that user be anonymously identified as having visited your site.

They then become part of your "Retargeting Audience" for your Facebook ad, giving you the opportunity to summon them to return to complete the transaction. Or even offering them your free gift I mentioned above, to allow you to follow up with them via email and Facebook

Anyway those are just examples of what I'd do, as I'm sure they'd help if implemented correctly.

And of course, this really only applies if you're getting the traffic in the first place. If not, you'll need to work on that. But it still wouldn't hurt to have either/both of the mentioned systems in place, ready for when that traffic does start rolling in.

Good luck, and hopefully soon I'll see a new post in here containing your success story!!
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I am doing physical products affiliate program, I am here to check out how those digital products in Clickbank works.
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Clickbank isn't bad site. And I advice to use other affiliate networks, it should be more effective.
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kateorangefirst wrote:Clickbank isn't bad site. And I advice to use other affiliate networks, it should be more effective.

Yeah, I have to agree with this. Although clickbank has the potential to help you make money, you still have to look for other networks which can provide you better tools to increase your earnings.

I'm now using an offerwall tool from one of the best affiliate companies out there and so far I'm very impressed with the way it help me earn money...:)

I hope this helps!:)
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