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Is it advisable to create your own products (e-books)?

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Is it advisable to create your own products (e-books)?

Hi all,

I was just wondering what everyones thought were on whether it is more profitable to create your own ebooks/products or to market for existing Clickbank products?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

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It really depends on what your ebooks are about as this will determine how well they will sell.
Personally, I prefer to market products as an affiliate rather than as a merchant because this means that I will not have to provide customer and/or technical support and also not have to worry about payment processing.
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The skills you learn as an affiliate can definitely help when you get to the point of developing and selling your own product but as Fara mentions there are a few extra "responsibilities" that you'll have as a merchant.

Id probably suggest gaining experience as an affiliate and using that time to study how successful merchants market their products (look at the landing pages of some high gravity products on ClickBank).
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Creating your own products is only half that battle. then you have to deal with customer support, refunds, and alot of other stuff. In the early stages, promote affiliate products, and decide if there is demand for the book you want to write. no sense in writing a book that will not sell. Take some time to write a few short reports instead that you can give away as bonuses for buying affiliate products, or give them away as bonuses to your email list to keep subscribers happy.
I try to create a new report every month that I give away to my email list. This gets them in the habit of seeing what I am offering this time, and they stay on my list. Some people even go as far as writning an ebook as a giveaway. My knowledge is not big enough for that yet, so i just put out small reports. Maybe soon I will compile the reports into a book. Something I have been thinking about anyway.
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Both are profitable.

In fact, you can create an ebook and make zero with it. It's not about which one is most profitable, BUT what business model you want to follow?

It's more profitable to have dozens of affiliates selling your product than only YOU promoting one or several affiliate products. And as you evolve in affiliate marketing, you will discover that many affiliates start with affiliate marketing, and ultimately create their own products.

Saying all that, it's better to "test the water" with affiliate marketing, and then, later on, once you are SURE that people actually buy in this market, just create an entry product ($7-$19.95)... and here is the secret.

You market your affiliate products in the backend. Powerful. That's why Mark teaches you to build a list. You are building a real business and you are in control.

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Affiliate Marketing 1,000 % for me please!

as in
- NO Customer support !!
- No Scammers ( as freebie seekers who 'buy' your book and 10 minutes later they ask for a refund and that stupid CB of course gives to them)
- No updates of product
- No Affiliates Support
- No Affiliates Update
- No headache of always be on alert on which Torrent, Free Download site, BH forum your Stolen product will be listed again

not to mention
- Extreme Flexibility ( as in: I find out that particular product does not sell, I switch to another one - even a different market fast and easily)
- No painful loooooong research and material consolidation
- No painful product creation with All the shebang around it
- Saving time
etc etc ...

However, this is My Personal view from My Personal Experience.
If you are a masochist, sure, create an e-book for ClickBank. (= notice I say "Clickbank", ok ;-) )

Ok, ok, there ARE "some" exemptions - as those mentioned above - but for I know all these guys are not selling ONLY like 1 e-book. It's more like a "system"
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Starting out with Affiliate marketing is definitely the best way to go before creating your own product. After you have assembled your affiliate business and you have a fairly large targeted opt in list then it puts you into a great position to create your own product.

Then the real trick is learning how to get affiliates to promote your product. But testing everything out with affiliate marketing initially is the best way in my opinion.
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