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Solutions to Important Affiliate Problems Webinar with Steven Clayton

Solutions to Important Affiliate Problems Webinar with Steven Clayton

Hey Guys,

You might have noticed that these have been an interesting few months in affiliate marketing, with many new developments that could have dramatic effects on how many affiliates do business.

Now, part of why I enjoy affiliate marketing so much is that it's always interesting - and new developments like this keep you engaged and always learning. That being said though, it can also be a bit unnerving if you feel like your income source is being threatened.

That's why I've organized the Solutions to Important Affiliate Problems webinar with my 7-figure a year, internet marketing friend, Steven Clayton.

The recording of this webinar has now been posted here.

In this webinar we'll be discussing:

  • How to make huge commissions promoting other people's products from a 7 figure a year super affiliate
  • All the latest information about the FTC crackdown on fake blogs and what it means to you and how to ensure that YOUR website never gets into trouble with the law.
  • Strategies for ranking highly in the search engines, including easier ways of getting high PR links from .edu domains (these are trusted more by Google and other search engines, which will help you rank higher).
  • Detailed information about Google Slaps on certain types of offers, so you avoid this happening to you. Also you'll gain a full understanding of Google's stance on affiliate bridge pages (something they've cranked down on a lot more lately, this is super important).
  • There will be a lot more cutting edge information covered in this exclusive live webinar, and you'll get to ask your own live questions on the webinar too.

There will also be time for your questions.

This webinar is almost sure to max out, so if you don't want to miss out, click on the link below:

The recording of this webinar has now been posted here.

See you all there!

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  • Reply Andi Putra3951 days ago

    I bought the first Commission Blueprint by Steven last year and I'm literally psyched to see what he have to say about the changing face of affiliate marketing world.

  • Reply Jack Thrasher3951 days ago

    Thank you for having this Webinar on a holiday for weekend so some of us guys/gals can attend instead of working our full time job right now? HINT HINT Can`t wait to get on the wagon
    Roll Tide

  • Reply matt scott3951 days ago

    I have all of Steve Claytons products and I have to say they are awesome. The support forum is priceless. In my opinion Mark Ling and Steve Clayton are the only two resources you will need to build a fantastic online biz and both of there teachings compliment each other perfectly.

    Dont miss this guys, Steve really overdelivers on his products and support. He's a breath of fresh air.


  • Reply Sean Morrissy • 3951 days ago

    hey Mark, looks good, I'll try and get on myself. Sounds like some pretty timely advice.


  • Reply Tim Andersson3951 days ago

    It will be 4 a.m. in my place, so it is hard to attend for me, will you publish a record of this webinar later?

  • Reply chris • 3950 days ago

    I just registered for the webinar, but it didn't ask to pay. Is this free or do I need to do something else?

  • Reply Jason Dodd3950 days ago

    The FTC crackdowns have caused a lot of concern amongst affiliate marketers so will be interesting to see what Steven has to say about that.

  • Reply Jessica Benson3950 days ago

    Just watched the Webinar and it was my first time to hear Steven Clayton. Very impressive! Mark - as usual your bonus package is AMAZING!!! How long will it be available?

  • Reply Michael • 3950 days ago

    For some reason I can't comment on this blog with my real comment... I always get a "spam" message... maybe you want to change that plugin you are using...

  • Reply Ethan Deyo3950 days ago

    Just watched Webinar. Great stuff! Very informative,
    but it goes kinda fast and I don't understand a lot of it.
    Here are some of my notes from Webinar:
    Affiliate Bridge Pages
    No added value - just a pass through middle man
    Google considers All Affiliate webpages to be bridge pages

    What to do: Change page to sell nothing - no affiliate links
    Give away free report/free software/free stuff
    Change Affiliate pages to opt in mailing list pages.

    What? Change pages to sell nothing? No Affiliate links?
    Sounds like Goole considers all Affiliate webpages to be Bridge Pages, just because they contain Affiliate links (regardless of content).
    1) What does this mean for sites like WowBlackBook.com?
    2) Does this effect Organic Search Rankings or just Adwords ads?
    3) Is it possble to hide Affiliate links from Google by doing the following? Use PHP redirects and then add those redirect pages to Robots.txt with a no-follow attribute?

    The other concern was about creating a Corporation in another state like Nevada to ease around the Nexus Laws . Steven said that we don't need a bank account in Nevada, but we do need our corporation's mailing address to be there. So does that mean any Commision checks from ClickBank have to go to the Nevada mailing address?

    Mark, maybe you could put together a more comprehensive video regarding this stuff and add it to Affilorama/AffiloBlueprint website.

    We might also want a dedicated section in the Forums regarding this Google slap stuff. I wasn't sure where my questions would fit in. Maybe call it "Keeping Google Happy".

    Thanks for you help!

  • Reply Chris Goddard3950 days ago

    The recording of the webinar will be posted tomorrow. It does take a day to process unfortunately.

  • Reply Mark Vincent3950 days ago

    I listened to the webinar last night and I couldn't sleep as I'm from NC and was unaware of the new nexus laws.Could someone post a step by step "how to" about incorporating in Nevada? I also have no idea what they meant when the said to have an "agent making address"


  • Reply Jessica Benson3950 days ago

    Twistedvin - here are a couple of links to get you started. I researched incorporating in NV a while back for benefits not related to the Nexus Laws, but sure makes sense! You can also Google to find companies who will handle the process for you cheaply. An "agent mailing address" is simply a mailing address in the State you incorporated in (in this case NV) and they will forward your mail to your actual physical address for you. The links are: State of NV website - http://nv.gov/NV_default4.aspx?id=182 and Business.gov Nevada Small Business Guide - http://www.business.gov/states/nevada/. Basically the same as incorporating anywhere else - just have to follow their specific guidelines, and you get the benefits of that state's laws for businesses.

    Hope this is helpful!

  • Reply mike sorian3949 days ago


    Great webinar! Where is the link for the PDF?

    Thanks, Mike

  • Reply Mark Ling3949 days ago

    Hi Mike, it is in the next blog post right here: http://www.tinyurl.com/sclayton

  • Reply Zahn Reuther3949 days ago

    Another resource that I have found particularly useful is from Nolo Press. Their website is www.nolo.com. They have a large legal encylopedia arranged by topic. While they have several legal topics, I have used their business section on many different occasions.

  • Reply Affiliates Program • 3877 days ago

    I have looked at many sites and not come a cross such a site as yours that tells you what you really need to know about affiliate marketing.

    I've added your feed to my reader, are there any other good blogs you'd suggest I read on the subject?

  • Reply buy flagyl3231 days ago

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