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Affiliate Program Buffet: Take Your Pick

Affiliate Program Buffet: Take Your Pick

I'm sorry, there's no new Niche of the Week post.

July 31st marked the second year since we first started with featuring new niches each week (or as frequent as we could make them) and it put me in a sort of pensive mood. A member also recently suggested there be a separate section for Niche of the Week posts. We're still looking into that, so a "summary" of the niches we've covered so far might help. Further down, I'll also show you how you can mark your favorite articles, not just on the Affilorama blog, but the entire Affilorama site.

From Games to Dating Affiliate Programs — And Everything in Between

The first ever niche of the week post was on Diablo 3 affiliate programs. A few months after, we did a piece on Stars Wars: The Old Republic.

We then moved on to feature affiliate programs on evergreen niches such as weight loss, dating and dog training.

We found plenty of niches on the everyday topics like cooking, couponing and snoring. We were surprised to find out there are affiliate programs for coffee, wine, and even makeup!

There are affiliate programs covering photography, travel, and languages, too.

We'll be publishing more in the weeks to come, so it's only a question of:

How Do I Keep Track of the Niche of the Week Posts?

One member suggested that we have a separate category for Niche of The Week posts. It's a great idea, but we're still looking into that.

I have a solid alternative to that though. Instead of waiting for a separate category for Niche of the Week posts, why not add the articles to your Affilorama Favorites?

That's right! The Affilorama website has a "Favorite" function that lets you bookmark any article, lesson or forum post within the Affilorama site. To do this, just log into your Affilorama account and go to the blog post you like. Click on the "Favorite" link on the top-right of the post to add that to your Favorites.

Add To Favorites

The post will then appear on the drop-down menu when you hover you mouse over the "Favorites" button on the black navigation bar at the top of the page.

Favorites Bar

It will also appear under the "Favorites" column on your Affilorama member dashboard.

Favorites - Member Dashboard

You will find the "Favorite" link on all the Affilorama blog posts, lessons, and forum posts, including pages like the Premium members area and AffiloBlueprint members area. You can add these all to your Favorites so next time you login, you only need to click the link on your member dashboard to get where you want to go quickly.

So, time to go through the Affilorama site and "Favorite" away!

This week's post didn't feature a niche but I hope you still find it helpful. Are there any niches we've featured that you really like, or found success in? Are there any you want us to feature? Be sure to let us know by leaving a comment!

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  • Reply Kheirolfeihzy Mury1702 days ago

    Hi Cecille,

    The Niche of the Week posts are awesome. In fact, it encouraged me to start my new affiliate marketing website. I would agree with A.Wesley to have a seperate category or series. Hope it happens soon.

  • Reply jeoremil211620 days ago

    This is awesome.

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