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Coffee and Affiliate Marketing: Perfect Combination

Coffee and Affiliate Marketing: Perfect Combination

I hate to say this but this is probably the most uninspired Affilorama Niche Markets post I’ve ever written. My Niche of the Week is coffee and affiliate programs for coffee. I hear a collective groan at the back of my head, and even I have to do the same and shake my head too.

Are there any affiliate programs for coffee? How do you sell/promote coffee online? And if you do, are you making considerable income from it? These are the questions that swam in my feverish brain whilst drinking copious amounts of my comfort brew. I am, as of this writing, fighting the common cold with a bottle of decongestant and endless cups of coffee.

But I digress. Let me show you how we can make money promoting coffee. Or at the very least, show you how you can pick a niche you know nothing about and build a site for it. And make money off that site. :)

Coffee Keyword Research

I fire up Traffic Travis and look up my main keyword. “Coffee” has a monthly global search count of 301,00. This is not surprising since coffee is, as stated on the Wikipedia site, “one of the most-consumed beverages in the world”. What was surprising for me is that “coffee” as a keyword is low competition. I’ll make sure to use this wordon my site a lot.

Traffic Travis Results: Coffee

I checked out “coffee” inGoogle Trends too and it’s not surprising that there’s much interest on this word, most of it coming from the US and Canada. I noted some of the related terms as these can lead me to other keywords to target.

“Buy coffee” has a high competition and with only 1,300 monthly searches I don’t think it’s worth targeting. I’ll probably still use it on one or two of my article but I won’t really spend time trying to rank for them. I don’t really have much to go on as far as keywords go so I check out what Google search has.

Researching My 'Caffeinated' Content

I saw several interesting sites, like Coffee Universe and CoffeeGeek. Both are great resources for coffee. Coffee Universe has a lot of information about coffee. I could use them as a resource for the articles that I will write and link them. I got keywords like “specialty coffee” and “coffee snob”. Coffee Geek is another great resource and they have a forum I can participate in. I took a quick peek in their forums and found a lot of keywords I can target like “how to roast coffee”, “ice drip coffee”, “press pot”, etc. I went to the Google External Keyword Tool and entered “how to roast coffee”. I found some interesting variations like “roasting coffee” with medium competition and 1,000 global monthly searches. National Geographic has a page on coffee too and they list several resources on coffee which are really worth looking into like Coffee.com CoffeeTV.com. Neat!

There’s definitely plenty of information on coffee that I can share to my readers and hundreds of keywords that I can write articles for. There are the various types of coffee beans, the different roasts… then there are the products I can promote: Peet’s, Kahlua, Starbucks. J With all these, how do I go about building my site? Which affiliate programs to join? More importantly, how do I convince my readers to buy coffee from my site?

How To Beat The Competition? 

My plan is to build an authority site on coffee. That is no small feat and it will definitely take some time. That’s a given considering there are hundreds of sites about coffee out there. So what would make mine stand out? I will make it into a personal blog about coffee, and share my love for this addicting hot stuff. My articles will be written on first person POV. I will actually have a resource tab where I have links to other sites about coffee. CoffeeGeek and CoffeeUniverse have a Resource tab on their sites but there’s no actual resource listed there, just a bunch of press releases and news info. My site will have product reviews and recommendations. Now, what affiliate programs for coffee are out there?

Coffee Affiliate Programs

The first thing that comes to mind is Amazon and there are plenty of coffee products you can promote there, from gourmet coffee to coffee presses and espresso machines. I want my site to promote only gourmet coffee since this is affordable (more or less depending on the brand) and popular as most of these are branded and have a following. The only thing I don’t like with Amazon is the commission. It is lower as compared to other affiliate programs and networks.

I logged in to Commission Junction and they have a few affiliate programs for coffee like Peet’s and CoffeeforLess.com. I’ll probably get Peet’s since they are a well-known brand name.

I checked a few other sites like RoastE.com and Starbucks. Both have affiliate programs offered though Linkshare. RoastE is also available through ShareASale and I’ll probably sign up there since they offer better commission versus LinkShare.

I’m not going to sign up to all these affiliate programs, but it pays to look at what’s available. I’m going to do a bit further research and check out affiliate forums like the Affilorama Forum for information on which of these affiliate programs and affiliate networks are better. At the end, I will be signing up with one or two.

Some affiliate networks like Commission Junction and Amazon require you to enter your website’s name and ask for information like when you started the site and what it is about. In cases like this, I register my domain name and get the site up with a few articles, around 3 to 5. Then when I sign up, I let the affiliate network know that my site is still new.

Sites like my coffee site will take time to grow and it requires a lot of link building in order for it to establish authority. I am thinking now of ways to drive traffic to the site. I will probably be engaging users through social media, like Twitter and Facebook. I will also set up a Pinterest page for my site where I can share images of coffee as well as get ideas from users of what to write about. I’ll be going around in the forums I’ve found and will look for more. I definitely need to get back to the Link Building lessons on Affiloblueprint. Hmmm… so much to do, my head is literally buzzing with ideas. Or maybe it’s all the coffee I’m drinking! :)

Do you like coffee or not? Leave a comment and let me know what you think! Cheers!

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  • Reply Endy Daniyanto1432 days ago

    Hi Cecille,

    Thanks for this post. I've been thinking about starting my next affiliate website, and also been looking at other affiliate programs available besides the venerable Clickbank.

    Little did I know, that there are a LOT of affiliate opportunities out there, even for the unexpected markets. In this case, I never though Starbucks had an affiliate program. It's amazing what you can find with just a little research, huh?

    That said, how is the $/sale and average $/customer in the coffee market? Is it profitable enough to justify investing the time and resources in getting your site to rank and promoting coffee related products?


  • Reply Celestine Ononye1431 days ago

    Hi Cecille
    Great post !! - I am new to affiliate marketing and I have also been trying to build a coffee import business with my business partners based in Ecuador - So I was really intrigued when I read your post - I never really thought of building an authority site for coffee - I have lots of information on coffee but had really seen it purely from an import export point of view -
    Our plans are to create a top brand from Ecuador - and I think you post has sown some great ideas for me as to how I can at least start the process
    Thank you so much

    cecille.l1431 days ago

    Hi Celestine,

    Thank you! I'm glad to hear you liked the post. :)

    All the best!

  • Reply Darryl Hudson1431 days ago

    Hey Cecille,

    Hope your feeling better soon, well I actually own a couple domains related to the coffee niche and I've often wondered how to monetize this niche too.

    You given me some good ideas as where to research for information concerning this niche, thanks for this post get well soon!

    Happy Holidays.

    cecille.l1431 days ago

    Hi Darryl,

    I'm well recovered, thank you! :) Still drinking plenty of of coffee though.

    I'm glad to hear you found my post helpful! :)

    All the best!

  • Reply cecille.l1431 days ago

    Hi Ed,

    The $/sale and average $/customer depends on the coffee product you're selling and on which affiliate network. If you're selling coffee on Amazon, you will not make much per sale. It's the same for CJ.

    For this niche I would start with selling just coffee, and then eventually move on to selling coffee machines where I can earn hundreds.

    Hope that helps. Have a good day!

  • Reply Bimla Devi1430 days ago

    Hi Cecille,

    You are always helping me out so thought I would do my bit and add some feedback.

    I liked your post. My website is nothing to do with coffee BUT it just re-iterated what a person needs to be doing, regardless of the niche they are in and what is out there, (you have answered a few of my unresolved issues about finding other affiliate programs as well in here)

    By the way I never thought coffee could be so interesting!

    All the best and hope you get well soon.


  • Reply Nick Fauchelle1430 days ago

    Nice article to read over a hot cup of coffee :)

    cecille.l1426 days ago

    Thanks Nick! :)

  • Reply Ivy Leola1428 days ago

    I enjoyed reading your post...I'm very, very new to affiliate marketing...just starting to learn what affiliate marketing is all about.
    I was reading your post while drinking a cup of coffee, LOL.
    Not interested in coffee myself, but it was a nice read. Thanks for the starter post for newbies...some great information and steps to take in the learning possess...thanks.
    I hope you feel better and have a nice day.


    cecille.l1426 days ago

    Hi Ivy!

    Thank you! I'm glad to hear you liked the post. :)

    All the best!

  • Reply Mary Rodriguez1428 days ago

    Excelente post Cecille because en few word I still understand more the affliate business that I have found in other "GURU BOOKS". Thanka again and god bless you.

    cecille.l1426 days ago

    Thanks Mary! :)

  • Reply Peter Stoddard1427 days ago

    Hi Cecille, My wife, Linda and I have been marketing for several years and we make crazy money... six figures a month.
    My favorite company is Healthy Coffee: http://www.BestCoffeeBusiness.HealthyCoffee.com and we drink our coffee with the amazing Kangen Water: http://www.Order-Kangen-Today.com

    We would love to help with any of your needs.
    Peter 818-339-5064
    Linda 818-516-3162

    cecille.l1426 days ago

    Thanks Peter! :)

    All the best!

  • Reply Clive foster1426 days ago

    Just wanted to make a comment to your 'coffee niche' post,
    Coffee is a massive subject for which you could produce hundreds of articles for, but what you must think about is do people read articles about coffee? How many articles have you read about coffee?

    All most people are interested in is drinking the stuff I know I am!!

    Remember that coffee articles or any articles for that matter are search engine food to get you listed.

    So you must ask yourself what do people need to stay interested in my coffee site?

    You might want to consider:

    Teaching people how to make that perfect cup of coffee just as they like it from there favorite coffee shop

    If you take a look at youtube there are plenty of videos showing you how to create patterns like a leaf or a heart in the froth ontop of your coffee and some of these videos have thousands of veiws.

    If you go to amazon become an associate member you can find out which is the best selling coffee machine which if you purchased you could make a few videos about it or tips on use.

    Whatever niche you take up you must have some interest in the subject yourself as you will soon run out of thing to write about and you will get bored quickly.

    Hope my comment has been of some use to you

    Kind regards

  • Reply Ponti • 1425 days ago

    Hahaha! I have no idea how coffee got involved with affiliate marketing. But if it's a great way to make your online business boom, then go for it. However, I suggest you make another addition to it by having a training. Try logging in to HTTP://affiliatemarketingcoach.org. I have a feeling you'll like what you'll see. Of course, have the training while having some coffee at the same time. :-)

  • Reply Mait M2gi1425 days ago

    Heya, Cecille!

    I'm very fond of coffee myself, so I find it pretty genius idea :)
    Hope, you're going to do good in this niche! I'm at a little break at the moment.. all projects crashed, then laptop crashed, so I must start with pretty much nothing left... And I'm soo tired. I do envy a little all affiliate marketers who have monthly income right now ;)

    But coffee... Genius.. I'm happy for you!


  • Reply Martin Kabaki1424 days ago

    My wife and I grew up on coffee farms in Kenya and we now have our own coffee company in Jacksonville, Florida. We specialize in the finest, gourmet, organic, fair trade and shade grown coffees from the best coffee growing countries like Kenya, Ethiopia, Costa Rica, etc.

    Please see a video about us here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRM06mKNI3s

    We would be glad to work with any bloggers out there on commission if you blog about our coffee after it is purchased. You can reach me at info@growersalliancecoffee.com

  • Reply kinni1413 days ago

    indeed, intresting

  • Reply thomasedmund6611410 days ago

    Cecile - I am worried that there are too many cofee sites out there, and the competition will be huge.

    I am worried that if I start creating new coffee sites, then no visitors will find them because of the number of other coffee sites out there.

    I am a coffee lover - but how do I become an authority? Do you think it might be too much of a challenge for me?

    Thanks for any futher tips!

    cecille.l1216 days ago

    Hi Thomas,

    It's certainly going to be a challenge trying to be an authority on a niche where you have a lot of competitors. You don't have to be an "authority" right away. The best you can do after getting the site up, is to promote it and drive traffic to it so you can start earning off the site. The "authority" status will come when the site is consistently getting lots of traffic and are linked to by other coffee sites.

    Hope that helps. Have a good day!

  • Reply strony www Rzeszów • 1357 days ago

    Wonderful blog! I found it while surfing around on Yahoo News. Do you have any suggestions on how to get listed in Yahoo News? I've been trying for a while but I never seem to get there! Many thanks

  • Reply Joe Conde1291 days ago

    Good article. I found it looking for an alternative affiliate to Amazon. I look forward to your new site. Happy to promote your articles, or exchange links.

  • Reply Saeco Idea Cappuccino1227 days ago

    Thanks to share your valuable information with us and now i also got some major info that how can i search the trends as u told in your research. Will remember the phrase of Wikipedia that "Coffee is the most consumed beverage"

  • Reply Amit Ahuja • 824 days ago

    I am already writing about coffee from since last 3 months and till now trying to boost traffic. There is already a lot of competition but once I get over to it, it will be a great source for me. A lot of analysis about beans and machines is needed to get into this niche and I guess I till now know only about 5-10%.

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