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When to Use a Managed Enterprise Cloud for Hosting Websites

When to Use a Managed Enterprise Cloud for Hosting Websites

One of the most important and recognizable advantages of cloud hosting is that you only use the resources (or storage space) that you need, when you need it. With managed enterprise cloud for hosting web sites, you literally pool your resources in a hardware environment dedicated to your needs.

The managing aspect of this hosting comes into play as you fashion and control several virtual server environments using a collection of physical servers. With enterprise cloud hosting, you can build your own servers to create your own resources. Then, you can simply allocate the resources that you need to reach your consumers.

How Do I Know When a Managed Enterprise Cloud Hosting Service is Necessary?

One of the major reasons that web site owners choose managed enterprise cloud hosting is for additional security to prevent hacking and server outages. For example, the typical security features that are implemented by managed enterprise cloud include:

  • Secure Socket Layer Encryption
  • Top Tier Deployment - Type 2 Certified Data Centers
  • Private VLAN
  • HA Firewall Integration
  • Remote Secure Administration - Server (VPN)

This next important feature of managed enterprise cloud hosting is really useful when you already have some physical servers present but need more resources quickly. Managed enterprise cloud hosting allows you to combine your physical servers with virtual servers quickly - using your own template.

During off peak times for your web site, you may not need the additional resources to handle site traffic and data usage. With a managed enterprise cloud hosting service, this is quickly handled by simply using your own physical servers first - saving you money on your hosting plan and allowing for a more fluid ROI.

What Types of Programs and Applications Can Be Used With Managed Enterprise Cloud?

All of the needs that an average web developer would have for hosting can be covered by managed enterprise cloud hosting. All types of web sites (templates, Flash, etc.) can be implemented into your enterprise cloud.

In addition, any third party software or custom application can be placed within your physical/virtual server network. Beyond static web sites, you can store critical information and operate e-commerce web spaces using a managed enterprise cloud. For example, you might use this type of hosting for information technology infrastructures or to power Microsoft SQL server databases.

Managed enterprise cloud hosting is one of the most convenient and easy to use types of hosting services for all webmasters. When billed for this hosting, you can expect it to work a great deal like the normal utility bills for the home or business.

For example, you would only be billed for electricity when you use that resource - not when the lights are off. With managed enterprise cloud hosting, you are not billed for resources that you do not use. However, you have plenty of resources available when they are necessary - like if you were to turn all of the lights and appliances in your home on at the same time.

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