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What's Keeping You From Success? Procrastination, Laziness or Bad Advice?

What's Keeping You From Success? Procrastination, Laziness or Bad Advice?

What's keeping you from success?

Procrastination? This will keep you from progressing. 

Laziness? This doesn't work, even for the rich and famous. 

Bad advice? This keeps you in the dark.

There are many ways to make money online. To do so, however, we must overcome all three of the above. Once you learn to identify these issues in your business, you can begin to put together a successful business plan.

Overcoming Procrastination

Putting off taking action is quite common. When we were kids in school, many of us put off our homework until the last moment, and studied for our tests the night before - a rather bad habit we learned that can follow us into adulthood.

If you do not overcome this problem of procrastination, you will never take action and, without taking action, you will continue to fail.

So how can you overcome this problem?

Treat Yourself Like an Employee

The first place to start just might be in your viewpoint of how you treat your business online. As an employee you would have to show up to work on time, be sure to begin your daily tasks as soon as you arrive, and certainly not spend time socializing online or surfing the net without a specific goal.

Think of yourself as your own employee as well as the boss. BYOB (be your own boss) is a wonderful thing, but you must remember you are also the EOYB (employee of your business). 

Do you want a slacker working for you?  Would you tolerate someone who wastes time in email or doing research if you did not make a specific request for what you wanted them to research?

Time to shape up or ship out.

Create a To-Do List - Set Goals - Create a Plan of Action

Success in overcoming procrastination can be as simple as setting goals for yourself. You'd be surprised at how much more you can get done when you have a plan of action as well as a daily and even weekly to-do list.

When you work without any goals in mind, it's like you're walking through the forest without a compass. You will find yourself walking around and around in circles. You can't find a destination if you have no clue where that destination is (your goal) or how to get there (your plan of action).

Rules Keep You Safe & On Target

Rules are also important. For me, I have one rule that helps me get an amazing amount of work done. It's simple. The rule is this: I am not allowed to surf, research, email, or IM until my daily tasks (goals) are completed.

I remember a month or so ago I had started to allow myself to bend this rule here and there. I'd read an email, log in to Skype, and somehow lose sight of my goals for the day and end up researching new ideas. 

One day I looked up at the clock and was shocked to see the time. It was 5:30 pm. I thought, “OMG! Where the heck did my day go?"

What work had I completed that day? Nothing that I "should" have done.

When I stick to my goals and obey my number one rule I get a lot of work done. Once I am finished with my work I can email, IM, and do whatever else I want to online with the time I have left.

So, it's good to a) create goals, and b) to have rules that you follow in order to keep your goals.

Next Issue – Laziness

Sometimes I feel very lazy. All I want to do is go for a drive, take a walk along the river trail, or kick back and become a couch potato all day. The fact is that for me, and perhaps you too, it really isn't a matter of being lazy; It's that my brain has become overwhelmed, overused, and simply cannot focus on one more computer related task.

So, I feel very lazy because I don't want to do anything. Even looking at my computer makes me uncomfortable.

What's the Cure for Brain-Laziness?

Give your mind a break. Set aside time to give your brain a rest from the Internet. Go to the gym, workout, take a walk, read a good non-work related book, or watch a movie, socialize offline with your friends and family.

Giving your mind a rest has a wonderful effect on the working side of our brain. Once we give it that much-needed break, it seems to be more than willing to get back to work. 

Sometimes you may need to take a break here and there during the week as well. If you want your brain to process all you need to do in order to succeed as an Internet entrepreneur, you will need to provide it with the rest it needs.

Bad Advice – We've Been Brainwashed

Yep, it's true: There is a lot of bad advice online. Some people write articles that have been rewritten so many times the original thoughts and perhaps "truth" of the article has been lost. 

People exaggerate and actually outright lie to you. Sometimes they don't do it on purpose. Sometimes they do. But, the fact remains... if you want to know the truth, you must go to the source. That is not always easy to do.

Let me give you just one example. Google's Panda update has opened up a way for many people to sell you on a few different ideas, such as 

"You have to have FRESH content to please the great panda."

What is fresh? Some say you have to post an article on your blog everyday to be considered fresh. Others say you can auto-blog videos, articles, and comments and that's good enough to be considered fresh.

If you want to know what fresh really is, you need to go to the spokesman of the source, Matt Cutts. Fresh has nothing to do with the time frame of your posts. It has everything to do with the content of that post. Is it relative? Is it well researched? 

You can believe whatever you like, but if you follow bad advice, you'll never progress. Remember that little guy who said, "The sky is falling, the sky is falling!"

Just remember, before you panic, look before you leap!

So, what is it for you?

Is it procrastination? Create goals, rules, and a plan of action.

Is it laziness? Perhaps you need to give your brain a break. Get outside. Smell the fresh air. Take a walk on the wild side.

Is it bad advice? Do your research. Take the time to weed out the garbage; it can get a little stinky sometimes, but you can always take a shower afterwords. ;)

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  • Reply Dan Miller2442 days ago

    Writer's block is a common obstacle to success. This article on CopyBlogger should help eliminate that :

  • Reply Grady Pruitt2390 days ago

    I just came out of a bout of procrastination, and there's only one thing missing here: ACTION. It's great to have a plan, but if you fail to take action on that plan, you're still not going anywhere.

    Great post, Smuigal!

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