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Top 6 List Building Tips

Top 6 List Building Tips

Are you ready to strengthen and lengthen your list?

You already know that if there's time sensitive information, list-building isn't going to cut it. But for almost everything else, list building is key.

Consider the following tips as you dig your heels in to attain thousands of additional emails addresses, followers, and leads for your clients:

1. Incorporate target words that will reveal potential buyers' intent.

If you can get them to click on "Buy Now" or "Choose your color," of course, this is a good indicator that you will be presenting a potential customer.

2. That said, don't over-do it on the marketing messages.

Be careful; this will drive them away. Even seasoned affiliate marketers fall into this mistake from time to time.

3. Team up and swap lists with other affiliate marketers.

Double your list in a matter of seconds. List Swapper is one two of the many list-swapping sites that will hook you up with other list builders who are looking to extend their lists, as well.

4. Ease up on the overkill.

Make sure not to try to sell something in every single solitary email. Periodically, provide some useful insight, worthy content, or interesting data -- and just reach for reader engagement, instead of a sale.

5. Tap into the referral system.

Offer a freebie if the reader shares the email with friends. Millions of people just love that pretty little price tag of "free." Tap into that, and watch those freebies and shares convert into sales.

6. Include multiple trigger points.

Experiment with placement in your bio, sidebar, and at the bottom of the RSS feed. (Yoast has a particularly strong RSS footer plugin. Check it out, and experiment with that.)

Valerie J. Wilson is a freelance write for many companies and organizations including Billfloat.

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