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Top 3 Ways to Restore Rankings after Google’s Penguin Update

Top 3 Ways to Restore Rankings after Google’s Penguin Update Top 3 Ways to Restore Rankings after Google’s Penguin Update

Google being on a constant roll with its algorithm updates after every few months, webmasters nowadays always have to be on their toes to prove the worthiness of their sites to maintain rankings. The latest jolt by this Internet giant is the much-popular Penguin update that came into effect on April 24th, 2012. The target to weed out spam websites and practices was successfully achieved after this update.

Unfortunately, if you’re the owner of one of the sites that have been thrown into the dungeon, it’s okay for you to crib. But to help your case out and recover from this hit, it’s first important to understand what’s the exact reason why your site was affected by it? Here are a few major things you can contemplate to have gone wrong with your site and how you can fix it:

Remove All the Irrelevant Links on Your Site

If you’ve been accepting guest posts from sites that do not relate to your niche, there’s a good chance it may have been the reason why your site drowned. Remove all such unrelated links from your site and build more relevant links. A sports website accepting links of a Halloween costumes store is just not justified. A minimum of 20% of all the links on your website should go to relevant websites.   

Provide Good Quality Content and Contribute Guest Posts to Relevant Websites

Buying backlinks can land you in big trouble. Spam websites that link to your website or paid backlinks that many times turn out to be automated links can be the reason why your site has fallen into the phase of oblivion. Get in touch with these websites and request them to take off your links. And in future, try to win natural links to your website by providing great content on your website, instead of buying backlinks.  

Use Varied Anchor Texts

When you’ve had same anchor texts pointing to your website, there’s no way you could have got a clean slate in the Penguin update. This makes it clear that your links were surely not natural, qualifying it to be a spam linking strategy. If your primary keyword is, “Halloween costumes,” you can bring in variety in your anchor texts by using anchor texts, like teen Halloween costumes, Halloween costumes for plus size women, Halloween costumes 2012, et al. 

The good news is, it isn’t that difficult to restore the rankings of your site after the Penguin update, as it was in the case of Panda update.  If you’re a SEO services company, you probably knew all these SEO basics very well, but may have strayed from your path to black hat techniques to get better rankings in a jiffy. Always remember that relevance and high quality content are the two main mantras that will be your safeguard against all Google algorithms update. So, play fair and stay safe!

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  • Reply Mark Schwartz2269 days ago

    What is the easiest way to determine the backlinks coming in to my site?

  • Reply thomas • 2233 days ago

    I really didn’t understand this Penguin Update of Google the god, (Panda before this). With your post I get some understanding of what I was trying to ignore. I can see that it’s very important not to ignore it and, on the contrary, making what’s neccesary to adapt our pages to these Google’s requirements. I have been trying to find as much information as possible about the penguin update and you have covered some points that I have not yet some across. Thanks for the light.

  • Reply Sammy Douse • 2099 days ago

    The varied keyword is the best strategy for recovering from the penguin update. I have read in a blog(http://www.dpfoc.com/ireland/google-penguin-update.php) that website website is affected by penguin if onsite and offsite manipulative methods are used.Notifications also comes in the webmaster.

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