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Recovering After The Panda And Penguin Updates

Recovering After The Panda And Penguin Updates

Google has constantly kept many SEO experts on their toes with the many search algorithm updates that they release. Since Google really affects how a website is seen by Internet users, it is best to be updated and to comply with Google’s terms.

However, there are many websites who may have practiced bad SEO strategies in the past, either because of their own doing or because of an SEOcompany that handled their website. Sooner or later, Google is bound to catch up to these sites that practice black hat SEO just like what happened with their Panda and Penguin updates. While the Panda penalized those that provide duplicate and poor quality content, the Penguin update penalized those that dabble in web spam, keyword stuffing, and those engaging in link farms and other black hat SEO strategies.

A considerable number of websites were down ranked because of the Panda and Penguin updates and the question is whether it is still possible for those who were negatively affected to recover from it. Below are some ways to help your website recover from the Panda and Penguin 

  • Improve content. Basically, everything that you should be doing for a new website to improve its rankings, should be done on your down ranked website as well. This means that priority should be given to high quality unique content. All content on your website should be relevant to your website and highly informative.
  • Minimize ads. Google does not favor high ad-to-content ratios. So minimize the ads that you have in your website and put more content instead. However, there is no fixed ratio to go by. Just remember that the lower your ad-to-content ratio is, the better.
  • Relevant links. Gone are the days when you can just get as many backlinks as you can. Nowadays, quality links is preferred over quantity.Also, it is very important that your backlinks are relevant to your website.Stay away from link directories because associating with link farms and directories can further hurt your rankings.
  • Update. Not updating your website could hurt its rankings. The more update you make on your website, the better. So make sure that you regularly update not just your content but also your website design.
  • Natural use of keywords. Although it is essential that your targeted keywords appear in your website, make sure not to use it too much. Google could penalize your website for excessive use of keywords so use them as naturally as you can in all of your content.
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