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Reach Out to Potential Affiliates via Twitter

Reach Out to Potential Affiliates via Twitter

Twitter is fast becoming one of the best tools, but it is being under-utilized. Now's the time to become more savvy with the ever-streaming feed. With the ability to use RSS, SMS messages, or emails, you can keep the revenue and your twitter feed streaming at the same time -- without being tied to your computer. This increases your time and ability to make money from any venue, any time.

Incentivise other affiliates

Simple: Set up competitions and contests, and watch the sales increase.

Stack 'em up, and Tweet from an automated queue

Be efficient and set up a queue of dozens of tweets. They can be post-dated so that your pre-organized, pre-written tweets are posted long after you've "checked out."

Upgrade to being a Super Affiliate by being super smart with Twitter

Blogger Cortney Locasto nails an excellent point:

Super affiliates are keen on what products to offer, when the best time is to offer those products, and also what target audience they should be offered to. If you can get these three dynamics right, you'll be able to get much better results from your affiliate marketing efforts.

That makes a whole lot of sense, and clearly, Twitter makes it downright easy to collect and then hone in on these salient data points.

Helpful. Useful. Interesting. Worthy. Appreciative.

This reminder can never get old. When the tweets present this type of information, they'll keep coming back. Do take the time to show your gratitude for your followers. That goes a long way, but often, too many people forget this all-too-important last step.

Marketing and selling for another company takes patience and tools -- this you already know. No matter how much you're using Twitter right now, use it more. Increase the effort in this area, especially in using the delayed Twitter queue, and you'll be very glad that you did! Go get 'em.

Valerie J. Wilson is a freelance writer who covers a wide variety of topics and people such as Gary Crittenden.
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