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Mobile Phone Plan Affiliate Program

Mobile Phone Plan Affiliate Program

Hi everyone,

I'm Scott Bowling, a long time Affilorama member, and I appreciate Mark inviting me to write today's guest blog post. Before I get into what I would like to share with you today, I want to just take a brief moment and say how grateful I am to Mark for his training and for his willingness to help. If you are not part of what he is doing, you need to be. In my opinion and experience you will not find anyone as helpful as Mark, he truly wants you to succeed. He did not know I was going to add this but just wanted to express my gratitude to him for being a great marketer and friend.

In this blog post we are also going to look at what I consider to be in a class of  its own when it comes to an affiliate /referral type program. The niche itself is a Mobile Phone Plan.

And in particular, the service that I promote is Solavei (Which is a new mobile phone operator offering Unlimited Nationwide 4G Talk, Text and Web for only $49 a month or less.)

These phones are pretty cool, you can see a photo of one above, as you can see the screen size is amazing and the phone is the HTC One S which receives rave reviews, plus it uses the Android platform, and operates on a GSM system.

And the great thing which makes this an easy sell as an affiliate is the Unlimited 4G Talk,Text and Web with no contract for $49/month or less. 

They also allow a customer to bring their own compatible phone, which makes it easy as well.

Solavei is without question unlike anything you or I have ever seen. This was put together by people, at the top of their game, some of the best and brightest the technology and telecommunication fields have to offer. They have attracted leading people from AT&T, Walmart, J.P. Morgan, Amazon and T-Mobile to mention a few.

There are four different ways to earn with this compensation structure.

Time will not allow us to go into great depth here so let me just mention them.

FAB – (fast action bonus), Refer 12 people that sign up for service in 60 days and receive $650. Do that as many times as you can in 60 days.

Trio Pay – A Trio happens when you or someone in your network enrolls three new mobile service members to Solavei. $20/mo. for each Trio in your personal network. No limit. (Not a one time payment.)

Path Pay – This is where you get paid as your organization grows organically. $50 - $20,000 paid monthly based on your overall network.

One Time Path Bonuses - These are very distinct bonuses placed throughout the plan to continue to drive and motivate behavior. $500 - $20,000 paid based on your overall network.

This is a real value proposition, just think of how many people you know that has a mobile/cellular phone. You have people in their eighties that have a cell phone and then on the opposite end of the spectrum you have kids in grade school with them. It is one of those things that you never leave the house without, and if you do, you then turn around to go back and get it.

So what does this mean for us marketers?

Now, let's take a look at the statistics. Right now Solavei is only available in the USA, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands but over the next few months, more markets will be opened. Let’s look at some numbers for the U.S. Market. There are over 314 million people in the USA alone. There is an average of 2.1cell phones in every home in America. The average mobile phone bill is $71 permonth. What happens when this goes global and it will? The world population is over 7 billion.

This is a combination of affiliate and referral marketing. Once you sign up for the service and activate, you are then eligible to start marketing it.

The phone service is $49 per month, once you have referred 9 people; your cellphone bill is basically free for life, plus putting money in your pocket.

There are many keywords that you can target in this market; there is no limit to the content you can put on your site. You could go after keyword phrases like cheap cell phone plans which have 9900 exact phrase match searches. There are numerous keywords – unlimited cell phone plans, those are just two of dozens and dozens of them.

There are marketing guidelines that must be adhered to so that the brand is protected. There is no use of the product name allowed in any domain that one might purchase. They also are tied directly into Facebook and Twitter using the API of those two social sites.

One other point before we stop. Solavei has launched with a mobile offering but that is the first of many. Every time they roll out a new offer and people in your network sign up for it, your income is dramatically increased without any additional work on your part.Multiply that over time with several offerings and you can begin to get a glimpse of the power and possibilities of what can happen with Solavei. The only limitation is how bigyou can and want to build it.

Click this link to sign up and get started.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at scotbowling at Gmail.com and just put in the subject line – Affilorama.

Update: 01/11/2013 our research has found that people interested in Saving Money and Making Money have been getting great results with the mobile offering of Solavei.

Click here to learn more

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  • Reply Lamarr Price2358 days ago

    I'm committed to making money, hard worker.

  • Reply Jay Orban • 2351 days ago

    Good post first off. I have heard à lot of good reviews on this new cell phone service on sites like the warriorforum for example.

    Your right the market for a product like this is huge, the opportunities can be virtually unless.

    I am going to look more into this myself, and i may sign up and recommend it to my blog readers if I have good results.

    james morgan2350 days ago

    I will do the same hope it is worth the effort

    Scott Bowling2344 days ago

    @Jay If you have any questions or need help let me know. I am here to assist. Just contact me. thanks, Scott

  • Reply Joan Stalker2351 days ago

    Thanks for the great info, Scott, and for sharing it with us.

  • Reply Bruce Peck2351 days ago


    I have been trying to enroll with solavei for well over a month now.
    Have filled out the info on their website over a hundred times, and contacted them by phone at least 6.
    Each time ended with them assuring me they would fix the issue. As of now NOTHING has changed. what is my issue? Their system, for what ever reason, does not recognize my mailing address. Are you kidding me?? What kind of mickey mouse outfit is this? It is NOT a p.o. box, I get my mail delivered here everyday. I have experienced nothing but sheer and utter frustration in dealing with them.
    Since having my problem I have spoken with 2 others who had different problems with solavei, actually worse than mine, they were able to get enrolled but then got hosed and ended up actually losing their phone number.
    Now to their credit, every person to whom I spoke was very polite and friendly, however if they are unable to resolve an issue as simple as mine, after 6 calls to them, it definitely leads me to question their ability to run a program that I would want to associate my self with... Sad deal as I was looking forward to really promoting this thing heavily...

    God bless you all,

    Scott Bowling2344 days ago

    @support58 contact me if you want help. Thanks, Scott

  • Reply Tony Nguyen2351 days ago

    Hi Scott,
    I wonder what methods you used to promoted mobile phone plans? advertise to your email list? product review or market the product to your friends and family?

    Scott Bowling2311 days ago

    Hi Paul, you do not already have to have a phone but depending on your location there are a lot of places you can get a phone and at a good price. Email me if you are still interested. Thank you, Scott

    Scott Bowling2311 days ago

    Tony all the same methods we are taught in Affilorama and what we do with any product we are promoting. Email me if you are interested and we can discuss it more. Thank you, Scott

  • Reply Nathan • 2351 days ago

    You have to enroll to their plans to be able to promote?

  • Reply Eric Zoetmulder • 2351 days ago

    Too bad Solavei works nowhere in the world except in the USA. Going global sounds easy but most telco markets are not open to free competition and or sell operator licenses for very big bucks.
    Do you have any idea of the roll-out to the 96% of the market they are not reaching?

    james morgan2350 days ago

    yes i live in Thailand does it work here

  • Reply Nick • 2350 days ago

    What would hold me back is the service? How can we know how well it will work?

    Scott Bowling2344 days ago

    @Nick I have used all of the major carriers in the states and they are all pretty much the same. With this I can get everything for $49 a month or less or free. Considering none of them are perfect, which means none of them work everywhere all of the time, why not pay less and get more or get it for free? Contact me if you have questions or need help.

  • Reply Gerry Irwin2350 days ago

    This comment is for "Support58". Sorry to hear you are having some wierd problem signing up. Go to my website get my tel no. and call me EST (Michigan). I have a solution for you. I know how fr4ustrating it can be when software F's Up!!!!! It ain't fun. Solavei is an amazing company, although there may be a few minor glitches for some I have had none. I also use a marketing system that provides me with a very professional way of marketing Solavei; or any business as far as that goes. Call me and I will call you right back on my dime; around 7PM EST is best. Go To my website and grab my Tel No.

  • Reply Paul Handsome2349 days ago

    This sounds intriguing. I still have a fairly old phone (at least 4 years old), and I want to get an android phone where I can surf the internet and download apps. Mostly so I can see what my sites look like on a mobile phone.

    Anyways, when you sign up do you already have to have an android phone or do you have to buy one from them? I see android phones at the stores for like $500+ if you buy them individually, but if you sign up for their phone plan at the store the phone is only $1? So how much would a new phone costs when signing up with Solavei?

  • Reply Eugene • 2349 days ago

    Hi this sounds really good and cheap. How long before it rolls out here in New Zealand? and what's the service like? I sure wud like ta market this one!

  • Reply raymond nugent2348 days ago

    I would like to open a cell phone store can your affiliate program help my store.

    Scott Bowling2311 days ago

    You can definitely offer this out of a cell phone store. You can order Sim cards in bulk so it is definitely doable. If you have any other questions send me an email at the email address in the post. thank you

  • Reply Samuel Okojie2316 days ago

    Hey Scott,

    Nice post. What is your Solavei affiliate link?

    Scott Bowling2311 days ago

    Hi Samuel, it is in the post at the bottom. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!

  • Reply Scott Bowling2281 days ago

    Just wanted to let everyone know that Solavei will be launching in Europe the second quarter of this year. If you are in that part of the world, contact me if you are interested and let's plan how to best position you to start rocking it. Contact me at ScotBowling at Gmail and just put in the subject line Solavei - Affilorama. Thank you, Scott

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