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Mixing it up with iTunes

Mixing it up with iTunes

You spend a lot of your time seeking out products to feature on your site, books to review, outfits to pitch. Chances are, while you’re working hard on your great content, you’re also listening to music. Whether you’re jamming out to your favorite Metallica track or keeping it smooth with some Kenny G, music is the great accompaniment. 

So why not turn your soundtrack into a revenue generator?

Apple’s iTunes (the most well-known and oft-used service from which to purchase music) now has an Affiliate Program that shares profits with site owners. That means you can include a link on your site directly to a track on iTunes that will allow your visitors to buy songs, and Apple will give you a cut of the sales (4 to 5 percent for clicks within 72+ hours, according to Apple’s documentation).

Better yet, you don’t need a music related blog to reap the benefits of the iTunes affiliate program. Here are some ways you can incorporate tracks onto your site:

Topical Tunes

Say you’ve got a blog about financial responsibility. One day you may be posting credit card related posts for one client, while the next sharing the latest couponing secrets you picked up from your neighbor. On each post, no matter the topic, find a track that’s relevant. Maybe The Rolling Stone’s “Money” for the first, and Donna Summer’s “She Works Hard For The Money” on the second. You could subtly include the track at the end of each post so it doesn’t feel like it’s intruding on your subject matter, all the while adding a lightness to your post and keeping people coming back.

Mood Lists

Few things sum up emotions quite like music. Pictures can move people, words can motivate, but pure, unadulterated emotion is best portrayed through music. If you’re looking for a good way to connect with your readers, a weekly or monthly mood playlist could do the trick.

New Music Without The Snobbery

There are plenty of new music related blogs out there. Let’s be honest, though: some of these are pretty intimidating. Sometimes, readers just want to know what’s new to them, not necessarily what’s new to everyone. So put together music that’s new to you. Your audience may appreciate your perspective. Have a blog about retail shopping? Maybe choose a track you just heard at one of your favorite stores and introduce it to your readers.

In short, including iTunes tracks on your site could provide not only a boon for your income, but also increase engagement with your readers. Just because you’re not the next Pitchfork Media or Paste Magazine doesn’t mean you can’t share some of your favorite tunes, and make a few bucks in the process.

Jeff Acaits is a freelance writer and affiliate marker who writes about music, home improvement topics like gutters, and becoming a full time blogger.

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