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Make Sure Your Affiliate Links Work!

Make Sure Your Affiliate Links Work!

Wow! So, I've been an article marketer for the last three years. I must say, I really do write excellent articles. I've published hundreds of articles on Ezine Articles, Hubpages, Squidoo, and other high quality article directories. Some of these article directories, like Ezine, allow you to see your article stats.

Platinum Membership From Ezine Articles

I was so excited a few months ago when Ezine awarded me a Platinum Membership; you don't get that from Ezine easily - Ezine really is very picky about the kinds of articles that get submitted to their site - so a Platinum Membership is an honor!

Thousands of Visitors, Yet No Sales

Anyway, as you know, Ezine has evolved over the past year and has added components that allow users to track traffic generated by their articles. I checked my stats for a particular article,"Canine House Training - Do It Right!". It had gotten over 3,000 views and about 300 clicks to my URL. I then wondered to myself, "Why wasn't I making any sales?" - after all, 3,000 views and 300 clicks is pretty hefty.

To My Horror...

As I was admiring my beautifully written article, I decided to click on one of the links. Imagine my horror when Iclicked on the link and the landing page that came up said "Hostgator 404 Error?" - I almost died. "How long has this link not been working?" I thought to myself.

In sheer panic, I began checking some of my other links.I almost had a heart attack! All ofthe articles that had the same linksback to my site did not work! I had to backtrack and painstakingly go through everylink and change them so that they worked. Then I went back to my website and discovered there were more links in my site that didn't work! So I went through every single page on my site and made sure that all links worked.

What's The Moral of The Story?

So what did I learn from this? I learned to be thorough when I put my affiliate links in my sites and into my articles! This is so crucial. Can you imagine how many sales I've lost because of this costly mistake?

Then again, if we don't make mistakes, we don't learn. I'm so glad I make blunders like these from time to time. It's the big blunders that have the biggest impact on me and that I learn the biggest lessons from!

My Advice To You Is This...

My advice to you is this - if you're going to be an Ezine Expert Author, make sure all of your affiliate links work! Don't get sloppy because you're in a rush to get your website done. In the end, you'll have to redo your own work.

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  • Reply James Pruitt2780 days ago

    Sorry to hear about that Shalisha. Glad you were able to get it fixed though. We all make mistakes some times.

  • Reply Grady Pruitt2780 days ago

    Great article, Shalisha!

    And my experience building webpages is that the number 1 cause of invalid links to pages that you are sure exist -- is typos. I'd go so far as to say that at least 9 out of 10 of mine are typos.

    The second biggest cause of invalid links? Page no longer exists! Over time, websites come, website go, and site owners change their sites. Just because a page was there 2 years ago (or sometimes even 2 months ago) doesn't mean that it is still there today.

    So if you have (or think you might have) invalid links, those are the first two things I would check.

  • Reply moma2777 days ago

    I was hoping that EZA's Artcle Diagnostic Center under Authors Tools would alert the writer about non-linking links. I realized that it does not work, after I made some changes to my site and checked if the alert came through.

    I guess I should follow up with EZA to see if there is a problem with that service.

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