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Killing It With Cartoons

Killing It With Cartoons

If you are under the age of 100, chances are, you've watched your share of animated cartoons in your time. Did you know that the world's very first animated cartoon was released in 1908, by French caricature artist Emile Cohl? His cartoon, Fantasmagorie, opened up the world to the magic of animation. If Mr. Cohl could see how far animation has come, he would most likely be quite surprised and delighted.

Fast forward to the 21st century, and cartoons have crashed through the boundaries of being just for children. Animated shows like "The Simpsons" and "American Dad" have opened up the doors, creating an animation nation. Other nations have contributed their own styles of cartoons, including the wildly popular Japanese anime, and much more.

With all this in mind, it makes perfect sense to integrate animation into the marketing world, and especially into the web content realm. Take, for instance, topics that are boring, complex, or downright unsexy. Instead of having an actor sell such products, animated characters can do the job far better, especially when it comes to items that just aren’t that exciting.

So, if marketers leverage cartoons to help describe unsexy new offerings, such as an innovative yet ho-hum hammer, a crazy-complex software solution, or a back-friendly, but boring bed mattress offering, people are going to be far more entertained and ready to buy. But it doesn't stop there.

The type of cartoon, the style of the cartoon message, and the cartoon artist you choose all play key roles in the success of your marketing campaign. Learn the steps involved to make your animated marketing content strike a major chord with your target audience. The process is quite simple, but the outcome is well worth the effort of any up-to-the-minute marketing team.

And if you still think animating your message is too much work, learn how some silly little cartoons have brought some famously-big results. The ROI you can get from using cartoons for content marketing may surprise you, so get out your pencil and get ready to bring your marketing to a new and exciting level.


Infographic Source: WhoIsHostingThis

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