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Infographic: Marketing With Memes

Infographic: Marketing With Memes

A very topical example of a meme with the football World Cup in Brazil upon us: the “The Wave.” Memes can either be a visual concept or a behavior like the one copied at sports stadiums around the globe, and they can be a very powerful marketing ally when it comes to using the internet.

This infographic gives some examples of popular memes that have been hugely successful in going viral, such as the“Success Kid” created by Virgin Media. Probably one of the most famous memes is the Most Interesting Man in the World, as made famous by Dos Equis beer, which immediately went viral.

It has subsequently been used in almost any Internet marketing scenario you could think of, and has evolved to such an extent that the meme even found its way into political parodies and cartoon jokes.

You can learn from the success of others and even use your own social media accounts to see what is trending right now, so that you could use these interests to create a meme that really hits the spot in terms of giving your customers what they are currently interested in.

If you are stuck for a creative idea of your own, you could always consider meme-jacking. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then you could latch onto an idea or phrase that has already gone viral.

If you are considering meme-jacking, you need to be quick about it. Being one of the first adopters is the only way to take full advantage, before the meme becomes overused. When you get it right, a meme can be a huge global success. The Geico hump day video managed almost 20 million views on YouTube.

There are many ways to use memes and they can be an excellent marketing tool, so get working on a concept that could be the next one to go viral.


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