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How to Use Twitter to Maintain a Good Business Reputation

How to Use Twitter to Maintain a Good Business Reputation Twitter is simple to use, and businesses want to utilize it to promote products because it is frequently crawled by Google. But, be warned; improper use of Twitter can ruin your good business reputation before you can say "tweet."

Building a strong following on Twitter doesn’t happen overnight. Just like any good business relationship, a social media relationship must be nurtured, respected, and most importantly, honest. Take your time and use these helpful hints to create a Twitter feed you can be proud of.

Build Relationships

Most businesses, especially affiliate marketers, want to immediately dive into their Twitter feed and start sending out tweets with links to sell their products. You would never randomly try to market your products to uninterested customers in the real world, right? Twitter is no different.

Take time to build relationships and create targeted lists of contacts based on your market research. Once you have established a list of potential customers, you can begin the next phase of your selling plan.

Take it Down a Notch

It’s important to realize that etiquette is valued on Twitter. If you start blasting readers with repeated hard sales pitches, you will lose followers quickly, and people will begin to lose respect for your business.

Take a deep breath and find a casual approach to your selling method. Perhaps bring up your product as a creator rather than a telemarketer. Don’t make every tweet you send out a sales pitch. Mix it up a little and tweet testimonials or articles related to your products or business. People will start to take notice, and your reputation will stay intact.

Create a Posse

You are more likely to trust a product if you hear more than one person tout its success, right? So, recruit friends or co-workers to help promote your products or business on their own Twitter account.

Adding a crew to help you Tweet also gives you the luxury to add new product pitches and to put new twists on your old Tweets.

Re-Tweet and Reply

Part of creating relationships is making others feel like you are listening to them, too. Don’t just fill up your Twitter feed with your own stuff. Take time to re-tweet other people’s information that relates to your business or products you sell.

Also, take the time to respond to questions on your Twitter feed. If someone asks you about your product or your business, give them the respect they deserve and write them a personal note. Potential customers are more likely to trust you if they feel you are listening to them.

Turn Off the Robot

One of the biggest complaints about bad Twitter etiquette is the use of automated messages with the affiliate link or only sending out affiliate links. It makes you look like a selling robot with no feelings or a mind of your own. No one will respect your business or you if you take the robot approach.

Put the personal touch to your Tweets. Let your followers know you are a real person with a real product that you believe in. Your sincerity will shine through and bring in customers.

Spell Check

We’ve all heard about those auto-correct nightmares or misspelled words that send the wrong message. Your 140-character or less go further when you spell correctly and write engaging text.

Writing smartly gives you automatic bonus points and makes you look intelligent. Never be in such a hurry to Tweet that you forget to check your spelling or your word phrasing.

Be Honest

Don’t trick your followers in clicking on a link that takes them to your page. Increased traffic to your business site does not equal greater sales. Your dishonesty will make them mad, and they will lose all respect for your business.

In the end, the most important thing to remember is that selling your product through Twitter takes the same care and patience that you put into the rest of your business. Take time to create strong online relationships and build a reputation worth tweeting about.

Kim Wade is a freelance writer who writes about blogging, motherhood and technology.
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    Businesses that rely on Twitter to promote upcoming sales should make an effort to interact with customers. Be consistent in responding to both compliments and complaints.

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