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How to Increase Your Wall Post Visibility In Facebook's News Feed

How to Increase Your Wall Post Visibility In Facebook's News Feed

So you have a Facebook page for your business — through which you want to target your potential customers, right? But if they can't see your wall posts, how will they interact with your business? Over the years, Facebook has emerged as one of the best social media channels to reach out to your customers and advertise your business.However, if you want to have a large fan following on your Facebook page, it is vital that your business posts appear in your customers' News Feeds.

Read on to know more about how you can increase your wall posts' visibility on Facebook.

Know Your Reach

If you have been constantly posting different offers and discounts but are not getting the results you want from your Facebook fans, it's probably because your posts are not visible to them. To get an accurate measure of your visibility, simply divide the number of your average Facebook reach (on the Insights page) by your total fan count. That's the percentage of fans seeing your post. If you are not happy with your current reach, you simply have to increase your user engagement.

One of the simplest ways to engage the users with your Facebook page is to use relevant content and interesting images. Images can also engage audiences who speak or read different languages. Therefore, it is important to use visual content to attract potential customers to your business. Share photos when you post a status update to increase its visibility. Combined with videos or links, this content can encourage visitors to stay on your page for a long time. Facebook also believes that you may be losing a majority of your potential audience if you don't share visual content.

Invigorate Engagement

So now that you are posting something on your Facebook page, you have the opportunity to inspire people, create interest or generate curiosity. Focusing on positive and engaging content will automatically increase your visibility in your fans' News Feeds. You can easily stimulate engagement by:

  • Asking MCQs

Get some people together to design an interactive and interesting multiple choice quiz to increase your online visitors' interest.

  • Holding a Caption Contest

Have you ever tried your hand at a caption contest? It's a visual activity by nature, and sure to bring out your wittier fans, especially if you offer them a chance to win some free coupons or discounts on their favorite products and services. (Editor's note: Make sure you abide by Facebook guidelines for contests and giveaways.)

You can also choose inspirational quotes with relevant images to increase user engagement and the visibility of your posts in News Feeds.

Respond To Your Fans' Comment

It is essential that you reply to the comments posted by your fans at soon as you can. This automatically increases the interaction on your posts posts and therefore your engagement rates, which means Facebook will show your post to more people.

It also builds your business' credibility. Make sure that you reply to any comments that praise your services or your products with a sincere thank you. Regular interaction with your fans gives you a chance to increase trust among them.

Experiment More

When posting content, you have the opportunity to experiment with different kind of posts, images and engagement strategies. As Facebook users are online round the clock, you can post outside of your main working hours (and don't forget Facebook's scheduling tools). When you link to website content, make sure those pages have well-written meta descriptions, too. 

News Feed optimization is important for helping your customers to access your brand, your products, and your services. The News Feed filters out what it deems irrelevant and shows only the most interesting content. So make sure your posts are primed for exposure and engagement.

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