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How to Curate Your Content Strategy For 2015

How to Curate Your Content Strategy For 2015

Marketing your content and keeping up with the sweeping changes occurring each year is a daunting task for a team of any size. Content strategy will play directly into your affiliate marketing and both will see some major alterations with the coming year. Of course, we’re no stranger to change. 

We accept the coming trends, but how to embrace them remains a constant issue. Let’s examine some major trends emerging in 2015 and how you can mold your content marketing strategy to meet these changes head on. 

Content Marketing Strategies for 2015

Technology breeds innovation, which in turn gives rise to new trends and strategies. Every aspect of marketing is changing as we move into 2015. Let’s boil down these trends into two new strategies that you can begin implementing today to prepare for tomorrow: 

1. Create Engaging and High-Quality Content

Increasing capabilities in terms of web design and content creation have yielded several new methods of creating dynamic content that almost literally leaps off the page. SEO is moving towards a more customer focused future where the value of the content trumps the number of keywords you managed to use. 

In addition, static pages are giving way to interactive ones that include various opportunities for generating leads and capturing valuable customer information and preferences. Take, for example, drip marketing. This is an automated strategy that sends pre-written emails to leads based on their actions, interests, needs, or preferences.

Marketing messages that tell a story are in high demand. Creating an emotional bond with customers by leading them along a narrative that they progress through their actions allows them to experience and see the value in your content of their own accord. 

Engagement comes from enhanced levels of personalization and unique experiences tailored to that specific customer. Numerous tools are emerging that allow for analysis of your customers and capturing of information that empowers you to handcraft an experience unique for them ,be it in the form of a landing page, email message, or something else.

2. Create Efficient and Adaptive Content

Customers can no longer be expected to simply visit your website on their home computer or laptop. This new age empowers customers to experience your content on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets as well. 

A recent survey revealed that 86 percent of businesses are looking for ways to repurpose content across new platforms within the next year. With mobile responsive websites becoming more prevalent, there is a grand opportunity here for your businesses to cut costs and create a consistent brand across multiple avenues. 

By creating one massive marketing and content strategy and deploying it across all platforms, be they home computer, mobile device, or touchscreen, your business solidifies the brand and the story. Consistency and value build trust and credibility with your customers. No matter how they engage you, having that consistent experience will save time and money while also keeping your brand intact. 

Adapting Your Affiliate Marketing For 2015

Now that you have a solidified approach for you content marketing, it’s time to examine some priorities and emerging trends for affiliate marketing in the coming year. Let’s take a look:

1. Establishing your Priorities 

Firstly, you should examine the current state of your affiliate program. If it’s still in the infancy stages, you may look to grow your marketing base in 2015. This can be done through recruiting campaigns, additional attendance at conferences and events, and identifying paid placement opportunities. 

If you have an older, more established program you should look to engage your current affiliates in the coming year. Establish your current activation rate by dividing the number of affiliates that drove clicks to your site by the number of total affiliates in your program. 

If your result is less the 30 percent, the best thing to do in the coming year would be to develop activation campaigns, and personally reach out to inactive or potential affiliates. 

2. Set Realistic Goals 

When setting your growth goals in 2015, look to this last year for your inspiration. An arbitrary number doesn’t help you much without evidence to back up the possibility of the goal. If you had specific affiliates that drove major traffic to your site, reach out to them to discuss 2014 and establish growth goals and strategies for the coming year. 

Looking at your own plans, look to see if any promotions or campaigns had a major effect in 2014. Odds are they will work again, so utilize that success to generate further growth in the coming year. 

What Do You Think? 

The coming year is bringing with it a limitless number of possibilities. These are just a few strategies and trends that have been established and noticed. What are you doing to better prepare your content and affiliate marketing in the coming year? Tell us your thoughts and strategies in the comments below!

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