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How to Choose the Credit Card Merchant Ideal for Your Needs

How to Choose the Credit Card Merchant Ideal for Your Needs

As an affiliate marketer, you may find yourself in different payment requirement scenarios at times. This necessitates a credit card merchant that is therefore not singular in its offering.

Fortunately, there are many great options to choose from when trying to select a credit card merchant to fit your needs. We’ll help you to consider some of the better options.

As a first step, make a list of the must-haves and things you can live without in a merchant service. Second, you want to be sure to compare options - when you find one credit card merchant you think you like, do an internet search on the competition, as you might actually uncover one or more that you prefer. Make sure then that you sit through at least two demos, and ask questions, ensuring that your must-have list is met.

Here, we cite a few options that are reputed, each which cater to slightly different needs to help get you started.

Accepting mobile payments?Consider Intuit’s Merchant Service, which includes GoPayment, Intuit’s mobile payment app with a credit card reader that affixes to your mobile device. The transaction fees for GoPayment are as low as 1.75% per swipe,and there is no monthly fee - note that Square, another popular POP service, starts as 2.75%. Intuit also integrates very easily with QuickBooks, which is important for many businesses.

Need a comprehensive all-in-one solution that offers cash back? Consider all-in-one merchant services like those of MatchRatePlus, who do cash back programs and will match the rates of competitors if their prices are lower. MatchRatePlus provides terminal,point of sale, online, and wireless solutions in one offering.

Want it all on your phone? MerchantWarehouse has a unique option offering its Genius Family Customer Engagement Platform. Their claim is to have “a breakthrough, industry-first solution that solves the problem of how to support mobile commerce in addition to traditional cash, credit, and debit payments on the merchant countertop all from a single customer engagement device.”

MerchantWarehouse will also work closely with you to customize the offering to your business’s specific needs, and adapt that offering as your needs change! This offering is definitely worth a demo for anyone looking to consolidate!

Depending upon the scenario you are most interested in optimizing for, different credit card merchants could be a better fit for you, ensuring that you never miss a sales opportunity. Regardless, make sure to go with one that is accredited and respected. And always compare options before deciding, particularly when it comes to the fees that are charged both per transaction and on a recurring basis for use of the service.

Cara Aley is a freelance writer who covers a wide variety of topics from business reputation management to digital marketing strategy.

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