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Do you want to be in the top 1% of Internet Marketers or the 99% who wish they were?

Do you want to be in the top 1% of Internet Marketers or the 99% who wish they were?

First of all let me just say that I am not an expert at all. I am not in the same league as most of the people I read about on Affilorama or elsewhere, but doing the Affiloblueprint course and watching some of the guru videos has been an eye opener for me.

I listened to the content and have been trying to apply the principals to my websites. I had a bit of a light bulb moment the other day and some of you might be saying "well duh" when you see the picture and read this, but I thought there may be others that can benefit from my simple understanding.

Up to the point that I bought the Affiloblueprint course I had done a few websites which have generated some Adsense income, and sold a few Amazon products. I had worked feverishly on them, found what I thought were good domain names, loaded up on some keywords and published them as quickly as possible. I even did a whole lot of extra work on social media sites and wrote a bunch of articles for eZine, then I stopped.....

The bit of traffic I had dwindled, the sales slowed down and eventually, I gave up trying.

I was frustrated with this Internet Marketing thing.

A fiend of mine had started a forum in a niche market and the one day we were chatting and he was telling me how much he was making from Adsense on his forum, I could not believe it, what was he doing differently. I realized after looking at it that the one thing he had tons of was content. The forum was very active, with 13 500 plus members. I knew this was significant, but could not quite get my head around it for niche sites.

Then I purchased Affiloblueprint 3 and the lights have been coming on one at a time. You will see that I have drawn the picture in a pyramid structure and while others may have a better picture, what I am trying to show is that most people give up or do not focus on the steps after keyword research.

Yes, keyword research is absolutely the foundation of your sites, but the steps above, except for on page SEO are even more critical, not because on page SEO is not important, but there are a lot of tools that pretty much sort that side out and Google is getting very good at checking web pages.

I think a lot of people under estimate the amount of energy and effort that is required to deliver quality content on an ongoing sustainable basis, especially if you are not a person who enjoys writing. When you are able to outsource some of these tasks, they may get easier, but it is still your responsibility to ensure the qulaity and relevance of your content.

This is the great divider of the 1% and the 99%.

From this point on, you have to be committed and diligent. It does not help spending a huge amount of energy up front and then not being able to follow through. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Yes, over time your sites will start making money and you will move onto other projects or niches, but the sites that make your money will always need that care and attention. You will need to provide fresh quality content to keep it relevant and current. It is like any other business, if you neglect it you will pay the price. 

The part high lighted in yellow above keyword research I am going to call the "Golden Mile", if you can do it and continue to the end, you will reap the rewards.

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  • Reply Endy Daniyanto2433 days ago

    Hi Ashley,

    Thanks for a great article! I've just started the AffiloBlueprint course, and like you I'm also beginning to understand that this takes more work than I initially guessed.

    I suppose it makes sense though. Most of the people that sign up for the course are closer to the "get rich quick" crowd (or at least "get rich quick in the fastest way possible"), so when it takes several weeks or months more people get tired easily.

    One thing I've noticed is that realizing and accepting this will take time and I have to treat it like a business makes me calmer actually. I don't feel so worried when I don't see immediate results because it takes time.

    About your triangle, I'm at the second to last slice at the top of the "Golden Mile" and yes: a couple of my Web 2.0 properties and my main landing page are in the Top 20 for they keyword I'm targeting!

    Where are you in the Golden Mile?


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