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Common Affiliate Marketing Terms You Should Know

Common Affiliate Marketing Terms You Should Know Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online. But when you’re new to the concept, the terms used can be quite confusing. Below is a glossary of the most commonly used affiliate marketing terms:

Affiliate: Person or entity that earns a commission for sales, clicks, or leads referred to a merchant.

Affiliate Agreement: The agreement between the merchant and affiliate that governs and defines terms of the relationship.

Affiliate Link: Code used to alert the merchant that the affiliate should be credited for the sale or visit to their site.

Auto-Approve: All affiliates are automatically approved for the affiliate program.

Commission: The rate or percentage earned per sale, click, or lead by the affiliate.

Conversion Rate: This refers to the ratio of clicks that result in a sale or lead. In other words, the number of clicks required to earn a commission.

Manual Approval: Affiliate approval process is handled manually – affiliates usually have to meet certain criteria set by the merchant.

Merchant: Person, business, or entity that sells services or goods. The merchant sets up affiliate programs and pays commissions to affiliates.

Pay-Per-Click: Affiliates receive a low commission for clicks, or visits, to a merchant’s website. Although the commissions are usually very low, the conversion rate for this type of program is usually very high.

Pay-Per-Lead: Commissions are paid when the affiliate generates a lead for the merchant. In most cases, the commissions are mid-range and the conversion rates are in the mid to higher range.

Pay-Per-Sale: In this type of affiliate program, the affiliate only receives a commission when a sale is made. Commissions are usually high, but the conversion rate can be low.

Residual Earnings: This is a profitable arrangement that allows affiliates to receive commissions for the first sale and for all sales over the lifetime of the customers.

ROI: This is the acronym for Return on Investment. It refers to the profits realized from time, money, and effort spent on advertising and marketing campaigns.

Super Affiliates: This describes the top affiliates in any given program. They generate enormous profits for the merchant, and therefore, these affiliates are sought out by merchants.

Two-Tier Affiliate Program: This affiliate marketing format is designed to allow affiliates to sign up affiliates below them. The first affiliate earns a set commission, and so does the second-tier affiliate. This type of program is sometimes referred to as ‘multi-level marketing’ or MLM.

This list of terms is certainly not all-inclusive. It merely covers the most basic terms used in affiliate marketing. Please feel free to suggest other terms that should be added to this list for those new to affiliate marketing.

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