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Caution - Ex-Newbie Now Entering Phase Three

Caution - Ex-Newbie Now Entering Phase Three

Phase Three?

What the...?

No, it's not some new marketing tool, a learning curve or cash goal that has been achieved.

Phase three basically means that I'm bored.


OK, let me explain further;

Phase One was a massive learning curve - and I mean massive. When we started on this journey I could e-mail, surf the net and buy stuff from Amazon. That's it.

The whole idea of blogging scared the crap out of me and for the life of me I could not work out how stuff could get from my computer into cyber space and once it was up there, could I get it back or even edit it?

I honestly thought that html was just a shortened version of hotmail, I didn't know that you could open more than one tab on your browser, in fact I didn't even know what a browser was - I thought that Internet Explorer was the only way to access the internet!

Just over a year later I am creating my own sites, making videos, social networking and css is still on the list of things to learn - although it certainly isn't a priority. I am also sure that online gaming is something that I'll never get to either!

So onto Phase Two.

Phase Two is where you suddenly realize just how much work there is to do and just how little time you have to do it. Much of phase two is spent running around like a headless chicken trying to write, spin, submit, create, post, comment, ping and learn something new each day.

Phase two is also the point where you start to argue with those around you because you are spending too much time at work and not earning enough money to justify those hours.

Seriously. Even though Rach and I are doing this together between us we still have a full time job, a household and four young kids to keep going - trying to fit this in as well has been incredibly stressful and frustrating to say the least.

So here we are at Stage Three.

Stage Three is the realization that there is no quick fix or magic bullet, this takes time and effort. This has been great as we now have far less stress on our household and we take a far more relaxed view of things and aim to achieve at least one thing a day towards our goal.

Part of this relaxed attitude is that things have settled into some sort of routine, procrastination is creeping in (spinning articles anyone?) and I am getting bored.

It is 24 degrees here at the moment, summer is just starting and it is so tempting just to close the laptop up for the day and bugger off with the kids, leaving that half spun article for another day.

And then I look back at what we have achieved over this time. Sure it has been a little over a year, but when I look at where we started from and where we are now I get a buzz. Not bad for working an average of 20 hours a week!

I also remember what Aletta said during a forum post earlier this year, that to give up means that everything we have already achieved would be for nothing.

Then I look at our Clickbank account and realize that our first site is starting to average a sale a week and I can see a future that is far better than the present arrangement and suddenly I am motivated again.

Gotta love this industry - Stage Four anyone?

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  • Reply James Pruitt2895 days ago

    Stage 4 is where you outsource everythng the work stll gets done, and you can bugger off with the kids for a week if you want :D

  • Reply Shalisha Alston2893 days ago

    This is an excellent post! This is exactly where I'm at - Stage three! Once I realized there was no short cut, I relaxed, calmed that crazy voice in my head and made a daily plan of spinning and writing one or two (depending on what other work I have) a day. Yes, it can get boring, but when I look at my clickbank account, I get motivated. I also look at Jackson's post and I have remember the alternative - working 9 to 5! Thanks for this insightful post.

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