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Affiliate Marketing and the Unique Offer

Affiliate Marketing and the Unique Offer

Over the last four years, promoting Salehoo alone has earned me more than $100,000 in affiliate commissions. That is a testament both to the strength of their program and the effectiveness of having a good affiliate marketing campaign. Below, you'll get a glimpse into my strategy for developing profitable affiliate campaigns.

A successful campaign starts with a unique offer that captures an email opt-in. Many affiliate marketing programs will show you how to make money through direct linking or product name jacking, but the real money comes in the creation of unique offers. In the case of Salehoo, this could be a free report for buying wholesale, a video walkthrough of successful eBay sales, or a 5-part mini series on your underground sources for buying wholesale goods.

Your unique offer is the most important part of your affiliate campaign, because it can be scaled to the masses. It's very difficult to buy media to promote an article that you wrote, and you can't often drive pay-per-click to a review. However, you can run Facebook ads, media buys, pay-per-click, and article traffic to an opt-in with a good offer.

From there, you can take the prospect from a cold lead to a warm buyer. Most affiliates would overlook "untargeted" leads who are still in the research phase. However, a good offer with a follow up sequence can make an untargeted lead a very hot and targeted prospect. My follow up sequences usually look like the following:

  • Week One: 5 pieces of content
  • Week Two: 4-day promotion for a teleseminar, webinar, or interview about the product that is being promoted.
  • Week Three: a bonus or discount offer.
  • Week Four: a fear-based "final notice" campaign about the product. This can be based around a bonus offer, a discount, or a change being made in the product (threats of price hike work well).

I've always had good success using a Salehoo Review late in the buying process to close a lot of sales. If you have warmed up your prospects using an autoresponder sequence, then getting them to an official review of the program will often convert them into buyers. In this way, you are able to take prospects from being cold and untargeted, warm them up using your follow up sequence, and finally turning them into buyers with your review or bonus offer.

A good, unique offer with a thorough follow up sequence will monetize any targeted traffic that you throw at it. With that in place, you can go out and get traffic from anywhere you please, be it media buys, PPC, SEO, article marketing, social media, or mail swaps. As you build up the traffic to your offer, the follow up sequence will take care of the rest, and you can establish yourself as an authority in whatever markets you desire.

-Ryan Moran

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